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Yesterday, 06:27 PM

just noticed how easy it is for JS to make money out of GMC with an ad on every single fucking game.

That's why Ad block was invented. 

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Yesterday, 05:55 PM

I'm not sure if the problem are the codes or me, but I coulnd't make it work  :p

All codes are working for me using bit slicer and firefox. (Not sure on CE)

In Topic: Newbie here

Yesterday, 03:06 PM

Welcome to codex! Here's a bit slicer guide that might help:


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Yesterday, 03:01 PM

Here's the master AoB list for those of you who prefer to AoB instead of SS:


Let me know if the codes aren't working. 


Codes for Nov 20 & 21st (remember, 1st day is actually 1 1/2 days!):


Living: Imperial Exam

Answers are always correct (credit to Coilvect):
9d 02 00 20 00 96 02 00 05 00 ==>
9d 02 00 20 00 96 02 00 05 01


Dead: Shenkuu Tangram

Place Pieces Anywhere (credit to GATX)

(Play in normal mode for max score)
12 5c 00 00 65 01 5d f4 04
10 1C 00 00 65 01 5d f4 04

In Topic: Item Management not working

19 November 2017 - 07:31 AM

Do you have the pricer turned on? It doesn’t work, turn it off.