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#1655568 Opponent ID List

Posted by brainbabe on 18 March 2013 - 07:02 PM

Boochi's ID is 90.

#1653614 Discussion for Tyrannia plot- war for the obelisk

Posted by brainbabe on 09 March 2013 - 06:53 AM

Correct me if this is the wrong thread to post this... I'm in need of some BD advise in order to hopefully eke out a win or two (or 10 for the achievement) in this 4th wave. So far I've done no better than draws today.


Pet stats:

strength 85

defense 75

movement 78

hp 93


Is it worth getting defense up to 85, improving strength or would it be better to train endurance only from now on? I have no fortune cookies so can't improve much, but every little bit helps...?


I've also been doing Kitchen quests but so far got only agility points for my bd pet. Trying to get levels from scratchcards isn't necessary yet because I'm level 52 so I'm too far away from the next faerie ability. 



2x Scroll of Knowledge

Greater Healing Scroll

Leaf Shield (but haven't been using it)

4x Stone Muffin


I'm willing to bankrupt my account for this so I can spend around 2.6m maybe a bit more if I earn some nps during the day. 


Please make a recommendation!


Might be worth your while to spend your np on training endurance and buying Dr. Sloth's Personal Bath Buddy (2mil from the tower; you might get it cheaper in a trade, though). That weapon gives 14 icons, and it's a pretty good deal for the price.

For anyone still running on auto:


Shady Prowler -- 235

Unyielding Sentinel -- 236

Master Wizard -- 237

Unchained Monster -- 238

Genius Inventor -- 239