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Membership enquiry/suggestion

17 June 2013 - 08:26 PM


I was mentioning last week that I wanted to get the membership on Neocodex, and I was complaining because PayPal was requiring my credit card info to complete the purchase.

I have since realized that the reason it asks for the card is that i'm subscribing to be a member, so it will automatically pay out of my PayPal balance monthly (or every 3mo. etc.) and if my PayPal cannot cover, it will charge directly to the Credit Card it is requesting.

My question is... is there no way to just get a 1-month membership without fully subscribing? I am sure it is an option to cancel the membership after a month, but I was thinking it would be better for people in my situation to be able to just purchase one month at a time, as my playing availability fluctuates and I would not want to be subscribed for stretches at a time!

Anyone else got thoughts on this? Or maybe have I missed something that would get me past this CC requirement for PayPal? I've earned all my PayPal money through online surveys and it has no connection to my financial stuff and I'd prefer to keep it separate!

Compromised Neopets Accounts?

06 June 2013 - 10:14 AM

I attempted to log into Neo today - I was actually online earlier and did dailies etc... to find Incorrect Password messages on both my main and AAA accounts...

Obviously my first step was to change my passwords (I have access to both associated emails so that went smoothly), but immediately after changing my passwords, I COULD NOT USE the new passwords I had reset.

At this point I wondered "wtf did i download or who the F grabbed my cookies or how did I get keylogged??"

Well, with no alternative I just tried Googling "Neopets changed password and still cannot log in" and found a recent (1 month ago) thread that sounds like maybe it could still be relevant?
(not sure if i'm allowed to post a reddit thing... i've never used reddit before so not sure if it's something we're allowed to link to)


I wondered if someone had done something like this again, accessing account info through Neopets directly, or if it was just myself.

Does anyone else have any insight? Otherwise I'm going to have to do some malware scans etc and see where I get...