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Hilarious Firefox Add-On

05 July 2008 - 09:44 PM


Want to play chess?

17 June 2008 - 01:02 PM

Recently been addicted to chess since the last two weeks.

I play on chess.com, the site's pretty cool. Just PM or post your MSN or AIM and we'll arrange a game whenever.

Opera 9.5

12 June 2008 - 03:15 PM

Seems more responsive than Firefox, but it's certainly not more lightweight than Firefox. Using 100+ MB RAM with only one tab open blink.gif
I miss the new bookmark tagging of Firefox 3. What do you guys think?

RSS feeds for every forum

29 May 2008 - 04:32 PM

Which forum area does this suggestion apply to: All
What kind of work do you think will be required: No idea
Describe your suggestion: RSS feeds for forums other than News & Programs.


27 May 2008 - 10:52 PM

I always see web blogs raving on and on about how awesome and useful and time-saving these launchers such as Launchy are.

I, who am much better at memory recognition rather than memory retrieval, would like to know the secret to using these launchers. I can't simply recall names of applications quickly enough for Launchy to be of any use to me.

I have my Start Menu with categorical folders such as Multimedia, Messaging, and Games. It's really easy for me to just recognize the category of the app I want then select it based on the icon.

So is there a secret to Launchy? Or with my brain, I am best left using the Start Menu?