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What would be the cheapest battle set you would use to beat the bosses?

18 March 2013 - 12:41 PM

Suppose you had a 2000+ HSD pet, what weapons would you need to take down the bosses? I saw a couple screenshots of people on the neoboards, and some people used WoDF paired with SuAP. Was that the only way lol? Because there are probably only like 50 players in all of Neopets who have those two items and a strong enough pet. I just thought it was weird that Neopets would release a task that's only doable for such a miniscule percentage of the player base. (But then again, I wasn't here for the past wars so idk.)


I was actually thinking that you could use sword of lameness paired up with a shield or something, and you might be able to win a battle of attrition. What do you guys think?

Shop Clearing Help

13 January 2013 - 06:14 PM

How might you clear a shop with Abrosia? I want to AB in Spooky Foods more, but the shop is generally pretty full. I was thinking of using an AB list with some junk items to buy out just to clear it, but I am worried that the junk items would get prioritized over the profitable ones.

Also, are there certain shops that don't really require clearing? I know that the collectible coin shop, because most of their items are high rarity, rarely gets full. But restocks are generally really slow.