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In Topic: Official Topic! Come here if you recently were frozen!

05 March 2013 - 06:19 AM

The main problem with proxies is that you might forget to turn it on once. :( Do you have any other accounts? I would probably stop playing altogether (again) if I was chain-frozen =_="


Nope, no other accounts sadly. Think I'm just going to quit. I had around 120 mil worth of NP and stuff on my main, as well my pet with 200 str and 150+ in the other stats. Can't be arsed with rebuilding and I was only playing again as something to do when I was bored.

I guess it's worth adding that I had been using Neoquest's autobattler (on my main) the last few days for the war, not that excessively though. 100-200 wins on each of the first wave,  and slightly less on the 2nd wave. All in blocks of 20-30 minutes or less.


I'm pretty certain the flag was raised by my shell picking things up with low times in magic and there must have just been an IP lead to my main somewhere in their logs.

In Topic: Official Topic! Come here if you recently were frozen!

05 March 2013 - 03:32 AM

Just got chain frozen. Using a proxy but I guess must have accidently used both accounts on same IP sometime (possibly at work).


Shell + main both frozen. Main I had AB'd on with fairly careful times for the past couple of months. Times averaged from 1700+ ms. Restocked in stamps, backgrounds, books and coins. 


Stopped AB'ing with my main around a week ago and started AB'ing from shell using proxy. Times on that sometimes went as low as 1200-1400ms. Also AB'd in magic on the shell only (as thought was safe from chain freeze!). Had bought maybe 10 morphing potions in the last week with it. AB'ing 4-6 hours a day in 90ish minute blocks. Normal waking hours.

In Topic: Discussion for Tyrannia plot- war for the obelisk

05 March 2013 - 01:58 AM

I think next wave I'll have to stick with manual battles if I want to do it on hard...Probably still gonna AB a bunch more of the existing waves just for shits and giggles....

In Topic: Discussion for Tyrannia plot- war for the obelisk

04 March 2013 - 03:06 AM

I'm glad the second wave are still one-hit kills, I can just leave greasemonkey to do its work without worrying about healing, freezing or defending. :p


Yea I think the next round might start dragging the battles out a little bit. With a decent shield and providing they don't have too many hard abilities/freezers that might confuse Neoquest's AB I think I should be ok....I've got around 200hp, a decent boost and solid BD set. Need to get Lens Flare working with the the program then it would be a lot easier/quicker.

In Topic: [Program] Neoquest's AutoBattler

01 March 2013 - 03:28 AM

Great little program, thanks dude. Works a charm.


For Faerie abilities it could be worth gearing the initial functionality around the use of "Lens Flare", seeing as it's so rock hard + popular. I.e just use it on the first turn every time then you don't have to waste turns healing (assuming you are fighting opponents that aren't that tough). Maybe that's just gearing it around what I want, but thought I'd throw it out there :p


Would also be cool to have it run with some scheduling in the future, or at least the functionality to save your login + wep details so you can just load it up and select the opponent and go.