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Today In Pokemon

16 December 2016 - 07:45 PM


So, I noticed that we have a lot of Pokemon fans here. We even have Status Updates saying things like "Sorry I was away, was playing Pokemon Sun and it was awesome" (which I did do myself too), but not a lot of discussion here on our forums.
So here's a topic where you can share how was your day in your Pokemon game / for anything related to Pokemon that happened today. Be it on Pokemon Go, Pokemon Sun, Pokemon Moon, ORAS, XY, Showdown, the anime, real-life, or anything else.


I'll start! Today, I went out for breakfast with my parents, and also caught some Pokemon on the Pokemon Go app along the way with them, as always. The game has really helped us bond over this common interest; I don't recall hanging out with them as much before it came out.


Then I came home, and on my 3DS, I had fun with a few rounds of Festival Plaza games on Pokemon Sun. I first got into the Plaza as a way of farming bottle caps, which I'm still doing, but now I simply enjoy the Mission games there. I've found it a decent way to unwind after a day's work, or simply to chill out.


And now I am posting a Pokemon-related topic on an online forum, haha. A decent way of spending my first day of my holiday from work, I reckon - I don't go back to work till next, next Tuesday.


How was your day in Pokemon?