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#1678694 Politically correct vs Truth

Posted by Shapesnatch on 29 June 2013 - 05:42 PM

You're saying political correctness and truth are two different things. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't being politically correct just expressing things in terms that are more socially acceptable? For instance, instead of calling someone 'black', you call them 'African-American'. The former is considered politically incorrect, while the second is politically correct. But just because they differ from each other in terms of political correctness doesn't mean they aren't both correct, put within their own contexts. For instance, I recently read a survey concerning what African-American people prefer to be referred to by people of other races. It was found that most do not care, but of those that did, they preferred to be referred to as 'black'. So in this context, it would probably be considered 'correct', political correctness aside, to call them 'black'. On the other hand, if a figure of authority was making a speech, and referenced the African-American race, they would most likely call them 'African-American', which would be the correct term in this context due to our stigma surrounding the words 'black', 'white', 'brown', 'yellow', etc.,. In other words, 'black' is no less correct than 'African-American', and neither word conveys a message that misleads anyone into thinking something different than if the other term is used.

#1677521 Teach me use abrosia step by step, i can't understand guides

Posted by Shapesnatch on 26 June 2013 - 09:00 AM

You can PM if you have any questions that haven't already been answered.

#1674596 Membership enquiry/suggestion

Posted by Shapesnatch on 18 June 2013 - 04:30 AM

Just a warning though: I switched to non-automatic membership renewal, but then wanted to switch back. I don't know if it's been fixed yet, but there was a glitch in the system and it makes it hard to switch back from non-automatic back to automatic renewal. I had to contact Hydrogen, who fixed it for me. :) But yeah, just a word of warning.