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In Topic: Need Kitten name suggestions

19 June 2016 - 04:00 PM



It's from Portal (video game).

 Thanks ;)

In Topic: Need Kitten name suggestions

18 June 2016 - 12:37 PM

omg f torties are the best. I have a mute tortie and she's the prettiest jerk ever. Yours doesn't have a nose stripe! Interesting; I actually thought they all had that. (I LEARNED)


So far I'm on board with Gattaca and Turtle.


Mine's called Temper. (I had a grey tabby called Patience and she was a b*tch, so the joke was maybe if I called this one Temper she'd be a sweetheart. Tried to prove me wrong for the first 6 years, but now she's a sweetheart. :p

nose stripe?


hehehe should I worry? I've heard about Tortitude but so far she's all gimme belly rubs and purrs

Hazel or Hazelnut? :)

I like Hazel too! Hazel,Turtle.....

My vote is for GlaDos

where's GlaDos come from? said like Gladice?

Oh man. We have a tortoise, Skittles, and she has the personality of a royal b. Seriously she's Queen B of this household. Possibly the state. lol


Name wise I'd suggest... hmm... o9yLRpT.gif


Harley (Quinn - you'll see why lol), Callie, Rarity, Nina, Dali (Salvador - cos she melts your heart and your clocks), or Moxie? 
Few off the top of my head.


Read this a long time ago on PetMD:



Seems to be true. *shrug* Kiki loses her shit & drops everything every time we call her name. Everyone else has a "eh, maybe I'll come to you" or "eventually" attitude when you call their name. Except Skittles - you go to her. lol



awwwwwwww such a pretty kitty! I like Harley Quinn......hehe now I am worried about Tortitude

In Topic: Need Kitten name suggestions

18 June 2016 - 12:46 AM

That is one seriously cute little kitty.



I like naming pets the opposite - IE I named my cat 'dog'. But, I do agree with Turtle.

Thank You  :D


So far I'm kinda liking Turtle too

At least in theory, I like naming pets either words that describe them or other animals that they look like.

Calling her Turtle because of the color could be cute. Or Fox/Wolf because she reminds me of a werewolf for some reason :p

The werewolf look is her coloring and kitten fuzz.....sooooooo cute but she is rather Foxy  :lol2:

In Topic: Need Kitten name suggestions

17 June 2016 - 07:01 PM

I personally like giving people named to animals,I'd name her Lulu or Elly.

We do too, but sometimes we deviate :) We've used Loki, Freya, Fizzgigg, Muta, Cookie Monster....

In Topic: How much real money have you spent on Neopets?

16 June 2016 - 08:23 PM

$0. This is true across all free to play games that I play. Why pay when you could cheat?

:lol2: I know I've been doing it wrong... *hangs head*