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cello adventures! > Guide to when I am trolling and when I am not

Posted 24 June 2016

When I am trolling, I try to take the most absurd position and actively try to generate as much outrage as possible. Example: before I had planned to vote for Trump as a joke because I thought he was entertaining. I don't defend my trolling because that was never the point. This will continue as long as I am immature enough to find it entertaining. ...

cello adventures! > Listen to my recording :)

Posted 13 February 2014

After much thought, I have decided to upload the mp3 of one of my (edited) recordings for everyone to listen. I recorded it in a hall. The piece is Bach's Courante from the 6th Cello Suite. It's only one and a half minutes, so it's not too painful for those who don't listen to classical music regularly :rolleyes:

Info on the piece:
The 6th Cello Suite wa...

cello adventures! > Making a Recording

Posted 19 January 2014

Yay first blog ever :) I will be talking about my life as a cellist. Musicians have a whole lot of their own problems which makes them interesting. As such, I will attempt to document some major events in my life as a cello player.

Last Sunday I finished recording my competition pieces (along with performing in that concert. It was a busy day >.<...