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Posted by ortin on 15 September 2017 - 12:39 PM

Happy birthdays :)

#2014312 Charlottesville KKK/Nazi Rally

Posted by ortin on 14 August 2017 - 09:45 PM

The fact that it's legal for them to do this is just gross.

Throwing up a 'heil hitler' in Europe will get you fined a lot of times if not more depending on circumstances.


Assembling to protest and freedom of speech is a constitutionally protected right. These hallowed American principals are worthless if they are thrown out any time we disagree with the said protesters. 


Murdering and lynching people on the other hand is indeed illegal. 

#2013580 Strat's Gaming Rig Build

Posted by ortin on 03 August 2017 - 07:12 PM

Just curious, what was the total cost of the rig? Looks fantastic!

#2010701 Ambrosia Igloo Garage Sale

Posted by ortin on 26 June 2017 - 01:10 PM

The actual answer: There is a checkbox for buying unknown items. Turn it off.

#2007304 Best AB in 2017?

Posted by ortin on 15 May 2017 - 02:34 PM

Seed autobuyer is very outdated (not sure if it works anymore at this point), and various versions of it does include a key logger that steals your account information, which has been confirmed by the author of the program. Don't use it. 

#2005588 AC Drama Ongoing

Posted by ortin on 20 April 2017 - 07:03 AM

LOL I found the impossible game score, and a possibility of another one. @Jediknight @thejabara or whoever the hell zidane is astroturfing as, give me one good reason why I shouldn't report you. Unlike @Keil, I am a less principled man on reporting cheaters that are not part of the community  :rolleyes:

#2004472 [Program] NeoByte Advanced AoB Scanner

Posted by ortin on 02 April 2017 - 07:43 PM

Nooooo no mac support :(

#2002984 Have a slice of Humble Pie. Oh no, I insist!

Posted by ortin on 14 March 2017 - 12:31 PM


#2002720 International Women's Day

Posted by ortin on 08 March 2017 - 03:25 PM

Gotta celebrate it like Deadpool  ;)

#2001829 The Pewdiepie situation - new media vs old media

Posted by ortin on 20 February 2017 - 10:01 PM

Guys can't we all just be friends? :(

#2001677 The Pewdiepie situation - new media vs old media

Posted by ortin on 19 February 2017 - 05:04 PM

I have a few points to make in response to this.


Firstly, the video I'm referring to that stitched a false narrative is this: http://www.wsj.com/v...8F1E1ABEA9.html


Notice how, unlike the rest of the article which you had to subscribe for, this video was free. It was also VERY sensationalized and dramatic. Not exactly unbiased reporting. ALSO, you're right. The REST of the article from the WSJ is less one sided. Slightly, at the least. But that just feeds my point even more: The WSJ posted a VERY sensationalized video (which is what most people have seen. Most of what goes viral is videos, not articles). Also the title is sensationalized. It's only once the WSJ has your money, you're subscribed to them, then they let you off the hook and they're like "So here's exactly what happened, it's not that bad but it's still kinda bad." Which is fair. It was kinda bad. But not NEARLY as bad as the video and title make him sound.


In response to the thing about neo-nazis supporting pewd, that's just ridiculous. They're doing that to screw around and make a social commentary. That racist group later said that they supported the writers of the article that defamed Felix. They're messing around. Even the neo-nazi group realized Felix was just joking and that he was getting screwed by the media, so they added fuel to it.

I had not watched the video. After watching it, wow I agree with you. The video never once explained that the anti-semitic jokes were JOKES, and heavily inferred that Pewdiepie was serious about it. This is some borderline intellectual dishonesty :/


I don't agree with your argument that the title was sensationalized, however. Disney did in fact cut ties with Pewdiepie, so what's wrong with calling the article/video "Disney Cuts Ties to YouTube Superstar PewDiePie"? An actual clickbait title would be a sensational title with an article that has little to do with it. 

#2001673 The Pewdiepie situation - new media vs old media

Posted by ortin on 19 February 2017 - 04:41 PM

Then there's the matter of context. The short version of this ranting paragraph is: media takes shit out of context to conform to their goal in the article. There's quite a few examples you can pick up on with just a couple of clicks, but I'm gonna touch on only one: Pewdiepie made a video ranting about the media, how they take things out of context. He then deliberately made an offensive joke, and then a news outlet (I believe the WSJ again but I may be wrong on this) took that video, cut everything out except for the offensive joke and then went on to write an article about how he's a racist mysoginist anti-semitic whatever buzzword. WHAT.

The original reporter of the story is the WSJ. Again, the WSJ has never said that Pewdiepie is a "racist mysoginist anti-semitic whatever buzzword", only that he has used offensive jokes in his videos. Other new organizations may have made that ludicrous claim, but as far as I can see the WSJ handled it incredibly professionally. 



The irritating thing about it is the unwillingness of readers to read past the headline and actually delve into an article. "I don't feel like reading this entire article so I'm just gonna go ahead and read this blatantly misleading headline and spread the word about it"

I completely agree, but also in the opposite way of what you mean. I think you are overreacting to the "bias and sensationalism" in media, specifically this piece. If people actually read the WSJ article, they would see that the reporters weren't trying to be sensational by linking ludicrous claims with badly chosen evidence. The Wall Street Journal just laid out the evidence, gave examples of what other people thought, and left it at that. That being said, there has been plenty of people who clearly overreacted the other way, being outraged that Pewdiepie is RACIST MYSOGINIST AND ANTI-SEMITIC without actually reading the article. 

#2001668 The Pewdiepie situation - new media vs old media

Posted by ortin on 19 February 2017 - 04:04 PM

Wow, turns out I'm the minority opinion in this? I thought it was pretty unanimously obvious that the media is defaming him and people are just eating up the opportunity to call him a Nazi because they dislike him. Confirmation bias type thing, "Ugh Pewdiepie is so annoying... Oh and he's a Nazi? Yeah, screw him!"


He's not a Nazi. The whole reason that Fiverr video was funny was BECAUSE it was shocking. It was like "Holy crap I can't believe these people actually did this". It's low brow, shock value, stupid humor, sure. But he's not a Nazi lol. Also, to the people saying that Felix was abusing the Fiverr people and this is somehow his fault... I disagree entirely. What he said in his response video is entirely true. Those dudes "dancing in the jungle" as they themselves put it, were just following through with their business on their own free will. Their entire purpose is people to laugh at them. They're caricatures. That's like someone hiring a clown and laughing when they get hit in the face with a pie, and then people get offended on behalf of the clown. If the people in the video cared that their customers were laughing about it, they wouldn't be doing the stupid crap for people's entertainment. People are getting offended on behalf of people that are voluntarily acting goofy for money.


Also, I'd like to point out, why is all the backlash against Pewdiepie anyway? Why is no one upset at Fiverr? Or how come no one is upset at the people who followed through with the order? They're people too, why is it only Pewdiepie that's held accountable for his actions? Why is Pewd an anti-semite for ordering that request, as a joke, and not expecting it, but the people in the video who voluntarily followed through with it not even questioned?


I understand that freedom of speech is a two way street, people are allowed to have whatever opinions they want on the video. But NEWS OUTLETS aren't people. News outlets are gigantic corporations with the legal duty to not slander (libel) an individual. They took a bunch of clips out of context and stitched them together to form a story. Why does anyone even trust the media anymore? It's just filled to the brim with bias and sensationalism. It's disgusting.


I'd like to clarify that I don't like or care about Pewdiepie either, by the way. The only thing I'm against is labeling people Nazi over a joke that he didn't even think would happen, and news outlets getting away with flat out defamation and fabricating a story. Context matters.


Edit: inb4 i regret posting my opinion and i'm labelled racist

Here is the full WSJ article, in case if you didn't read it (since it's subscription only and all that):




You argue that news media have a responsibility to not slander against an individual, which is true. However, what I see is a professionally written news article on the Wall Street Journal, simply telling the facts. Pewdiepie DID post videos using anti-Semitic rhetoric as jokes! Notice how the WSJ had enough nuance to never call Pewdiepie an outright racist (stitching out of context videos into a story?), just that he used racist jokes. Furthermore, while it is fairly self evident that these were jokes, this quote from the article is concerning: "In Mr. Kjellberg’s case, a major neo-Nazi website has embraced his statements." If you get to the point where a neo-Nazi website embrace your statements, it might be a sign that you took it too far. 

#2001662 The Pewdiepie situation - new media vs old media

Posted by ortin on 19 February 2017 - 03:17 PM

Disney is a private corporation, sponsoring Pewdiepie on a privately run online show. If Disney thinks that Pewdiepie's jokes were distasteful to the point that they didn't want to be associated with that, it's Disney's right to sever ties with Pewdiepie. Free speech still means speech has consequences, unless if you're the President of the United States :(

#1997499 I is ortin. Ask me any!

Posted by ortin on 25 November 2016 - 03:36 PM


  1. Are you more likely to reserve your negative opinions, or share them without much regard to those who it may affect?
  2. Do you ever overreact to things for attention?
  3. Are you open to change?
  4. If someone handed you a million dollars, how long do you think you would have it before it was all gone?
  5. Is there a road rule that you think is just plain dumb?

1. I usually share my opinions on the internet with less of a filter. In real life, I tend to be more discerning. It's just so hard to tell who would get offended or hurt when I'm not in front of them.

2. Not intentionally

3. Yes, only if I see how it makes logical sense. I have changed quite a bit of my long held beliefs because of that! 

4. I would invest it in some index funds and maybe take it out when I retire, so I'd imagine it would last quite a long while. I'm the type of person who wouldn't make impulse purchases if I suddenly came to a lot of money. 

5. No, road rules are important in staying safe. You're rushing around in a 2,000 pound vehicle that costs thousands of dollars!