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Karla's Stuff and Things > Now I remember why I hate my mother...

Posted 28 July 2017

Since my previous entry, which I talked about my mother getting angry at me for the stupidest reasons, she had stopped talking to me because I decided that she shouldn't be driving me to rehearsal due to her sleeping at the wheel. And because I seem to be so much like her, I decided to stop talking to her too, for over two months, because I knew that tal...

Karla's Stuff and Things > I'm Running Out of Compassion for my Family

Posted 08 March 2017

Please do not mistake this for an "emo" post, because it's not. It's more of a rant. 
About three weeks ago, my mother was driving me to orchestra rehearsal. Normally, I would drive there myself, but the road on the way there tends to be very dangerous, so my folks don’t want me driving on it. 
While my mother drove, she started saying that her...

Karla's Stuff and Things > 2016 in review

Posted 31 December 2016

I've got about 15 minutes before the new year, so I better type this ASAP. Apart from the numerous celebrity deaths, the political events and elections, and terrorist catastrophes around the world, I'd say my year was about average. The Good
I took Corporate Design & Branding, one of the most anticipated classes on my list. Passed with an A...

Karla's Stuff and Things > AVT 414 Completed (Overdue Entry)

Posted 17 August 2016

It just occurred to me that I forgot to write about how AVT 414, Corporate Branding & Design, went this summer. 
...That's the thing. It just... went.  
That's not to say that it was merely a summer class and it's shorter than regular semester classes, but I hardly felt like I had the class at all. We stayed less than the allotted time, whic...

Karla's Stuff and Things > I. Hate. Photography.

Posted 10 May 2016

It’s probably no surprise that I hate photography and my photography teacher at this point, but now, I hate them more than ever. 
This morning was the day we were supposed to present out final projects. When I got to class along with some other people at our original time (10:30 AM), we were unfortunate to be met with a lowered grade because we came...