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Music Subforum!

26 February 2017 - 10:59 PM

I'd personally love to see a music subforum and I think it would be a great little addition to the site. The "Post what song you're listening to" thread could go in there which could help draw people in, and it would be a nice little space for people to post about specific bands/generes/subcultures and get recommendations. The thread I mentioned is great to peruse for fun, but it's really not viable at all to get any information or recommends since it's just a complete mess of every genre and type of music. I realise technically people could post about music in the entertainment subforum, but I really think it warrants a separate subforum (inside "Entertainment").


In fact, I feel like entertainment in general could use some more direction - I feel like splitting adding both Music and Movie subforums would help boost a bit of activity in there. At the moment "Entertainment" is just a mess of everything, and it's all dead threads because no one knows what to talk about in there. In my opinion.


But personally I don't care much about movies and I'm just here to advocate for the Music subforum :)



Lack of Contests/General Activity Lately/Addressing Megathreads

14 February 2017 - 02:55 PM

So what's up with the lack of contests in the last few months? I know @DonValentino just set one up, so it's kind of a silly time to complain, but I'm not really familiar enough with random posts on codex to have anything good to enter. Is there ever gonna be another SOTW, customization or Photoshop contest (my favorite) again? It just seems like the last few that got run fell through and were never closed, and now there just isn't any.


Also how can we drum up more activity in general?


On a side note, am I the only one who finds it rather intimidating that most of the active threads are ENORMOUS? Like, it's very cool that we have posts with hundreds (or thousands) of replies, but I can't be the only person who simply finds them too daunting to enter. Like, the confession thread, for example. Made in 2014, nearly 4000 posts. Now of course that is amazing, and it's great that the thread is still so active, but (and maybe I'm the only one to look at it this way), I feel like it's just a massive barrier to newer users. When 80% of codex activity is on a handful of topics, the rest of the forum feels so sparse, and it just makes the site feel so dead. Like, no offense, but I don't have much interest in writing my confessions here - I'm just a private person. But so much of the community's activity is in that one thread. Or the "Something Good/Bad that happened to you" threads. It's cool for a little while, but am I the only one who feels like those threads have been beaten to death? A lot of the time I come on here and don't post anything at all because I feel out of the loop and uninterested in megathreads that have thousands of posts on one topic, and there's barely ever new topics posted. It took me a while to even decide if chit-chat was the right place to post this, because the whole first page is megathreads or AMA spam. And I feel like this lack of fresh, interesting threads is why the site is comatose outside 1000+ threads. It just feels like too much random stuff on one topic without any fresh discussions. I fully realise I'm largely just complaining here there's no topics that interest me much while simultaneously not posting any new topics of interest, but I'm uncreative. I dunno, I guess I just wanted to post my thoughts on it. Does anyone agree or am I just rambling?

Generic Vector Art (Mostly Traces)

08 November 2016 - 03:10 PM



So I've been thinking about making a thread for these for a while, but I haven't made too many, so I figured I'd wait. I still don't have many, but I figured I could update this thread later when I make more.


I'm by no means a good artist, and that's why these are mostly just traces of cartoons. The reason I originally started making vector drawings was because I really fell in love with the show Mission Hill, but since they only made one season over a decade ago, it was impossible to find an HD background of it. I stumbled upon this video, and basically tried to emulate it myself. The beauty of vectors is that it can be scaled infinitely large or small and the quality will never change. You could put a vector trace of an old cartoon on a 1000 foot tv and the quality would look crystal clear.


Basically, I scaled the images all down to make them easier to view online, but I could export crystal clear HD quality for a background or whatever. If for whatever reason anyone wants me to post an HD version of any of these, feel free to ask :)


Honestly, it's way harder than it looks to make decent traces, and to be honest that's why mine don't look nearly as good as the one in the video. Like I said, I'm not an artist by any means. But I digress.


A lot of these are pretty rough, and some of them are even just WIPs. Not even sure why I'm posting them. But here they are :D




Mission Hill (Not finished!):

This was my first trace and the entire reason I started doing them. Ironically, it's the one I never finished. I wanted to make a nice HD background from the show (since the picture quality of the show is pretty low). Not sure if I'll ever finish it, I must have passively worked on it for 15-20 hours so far (spread out over many days). I kind of bit off more than I could chew for my first vector project.





Vector (WIP!):



Digimon - Keramon Trace:

I was just laying in bed a few nights ago and for some reason I randomly thought about the digimon movie, and I remembered I really liked the virus digimon at the time. For some reason my favorite evolution of it is the rookie form, Keramon. Basically, I just made this on a whim as a break from homework. Currently my background on my phone, looks bretty cool. Took around 4 hours total I believe. I might add a background to it, but the original background would probably be a pain to trace with the transparencies. The one in my avatar just uses the bad quality background - it just looks fine since my avatar is so small.








Version Added to my Avatar:



Trace for Coops:

( @Coops ) I basically just made this for fun. It didn't turn out great or anything, so I understand why she didn't use it as her avatar :rolleyes: But this was my first trace of a photo, so it definitely could have turned out worse.










Those are all the main ones! But I guess I could post a few other vector doodles here. Basically just some random old Generic stick figure avatars I've made.


Random Generic Stickfigures:

Doesn't look like a vector because I made it into a gif but... oh well: