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Prisca's Blog > 15 random questions. Enjoy. :)

Posted 23 January 2015

1. Given the choice of anyone in the world (living), whom would you want as a dinner guest?
this answer changes from week to week, this week it would be- My In-Laws. I miss them so bad, and i feel like slapping most everyone else lol. (except you codex ;) )

2. Would you like to be famous? In what way?
Sure, i would like to be hilarious enough to get t...

Prisca's Blog > Fb Rant

Posted 19 December 2014

Rah. I think people want to make a difference in the world. They see bad things and dislike them, so want everyone to feel the same way and 'see the error of their ways', or they see good things and decide 'everyone now needs to see that there is good in the world.' Lovely.

I am getting rather annoyed with the pluthra of bipolar posts appearing on my new...

Prisca's Blog > Well, that was.... weird. :) For your entertainment! lol

Posted 08 October 2014

Well, i took a nap, and who should appear in my dream? Keil.. as a girl, obsessed with fish. :)


We met out somewhere, and were getting along well. I was still trying to get my head around calling keil "VALE" (yes vale). I knew she were @keil from codex, but my dream didn't tell me that he was a boy, i was convi...

Prisca's Blog > Update.

Posted 18 September 2014

I will keep it short, sweet and blunt.

My family just moved from the USA to AUS.
I currently have no computer of my own and limited time on the internet.
I still love and miss codex, I hope that i can come back soon.
It is probably going to take a few weeks for us to settle into our new apartment.
Life is super busy right now.

I know i don't have a cl...

Prisca's Blog > OH.EMM.GOODNESS! :D

Posted 02 September 2014