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#1783924 Hearthstone deck advice

Posted by Leeroy on 12 July 2014 - 05:19 PM

no problem. but its good too if you can run your unedited deck maybe 10 times, and u can find out which card does jack nothing in every game, and you can pick it out~

#1783841 Hearthstone deck advice

Posted by Leeroy on 12 July 2014 - 02:36 PM

well my first glance, you lack deck cycling cards. like novice engineer, Gnomish Explorer and Azure drake. Also try having 2 arcane intellect. also u missing your basic nuke spell frost bolt and mana wyrm and water elemental


Your deck feel like an aggro rush deck, with monster beat down and spell to control. so you would need to regulate your draw rate, hence those cards above


i would suggest removing golbin mekkatougre; raid leader; booty bay bodyguard; goldshire footman; voodoo doctor , dragoning mechanics and replace with the cards i suggested above.




also try if possible to have 2 of the same cards, it results in better deck consitency, either choose 2/3 croc or 3/2 ooze, the raptor is bad as 3/2 ooze does the same stats and still destroy weapon. 


basically what i feel from your deck is early mid game aggro beat down, so by casting worth while creature and using spell to kill the opponent creature, thus controlling the board for the win. 


hope this helps~

#1767499 I have a problem

Posted by Leeroy on 10 June 2014 - 02:53 AM

What do you mean 'the price in my shop?' viewing it from the program or neopets? 


i do not use the auto pricing function, however i am sure the program prices according to your specification, depending on your pricing mode and others variable. if you feel uneasy with the auto pricer ( i think it works ok ) you can manually change the price of your loots in the shop. 


edit: guess i am wrong about the inbuild auto pricer =x 

#1760591 Hearthstone basic guide!

Posted by Leeroy on 29 May 2014 - 07:59 PM

Hi guys! Recently Adam hosted a Hearthstone competition and seems like it has garnered quite a bit of attention!


Some of you guys may have just downloaded the game recently. So i hope i could create a guide that would help you guys understand the mechanics of the game better and make better decision be it in deck building or game play !


Note: I may not be a top notch player, but i hope my guide could still help who ever reading in some way or another.


p.s i have no idea how to use all the fancy editors beside spoiler, so i apologize for my ugly format.






The basic terminology for the game! (try out the in game tutorial before going on if you have not. It would be clearer)




General types of deck!




Handy tips to play hearthstone. 




Crafting and Real cash spending in game

Quest bounty change to earn more gold ( by Nimby )
Finally, i hope this helps in someway for who ever reading. To get better, you just have to keep playing and improve and improvise decks!
see ya guys in HS! :rolleyes:
p.s if there is any thing missing about basics of the game, please tell me so i can add it on =]

#1758960 The Biggest Loser Competition- NeoCodex Edition

Posted by Leeroy on 27 May 2014 - 08:47 AM

hope this helps =]



#1758786 Path of Exile?

Posted by Leeroy on 27 May 2014 - 03:41 AM



well the league season is ending soon,  invasion and ambush, 


its pretty in-depth, the depth of customization is high, 


if you are the fan of Diablo 2 graphic and gore, PoE would be their wild child =]




In simple terms, unlike most other games, PoE do not have a rigid skill structure, you actually have to hunt and kill mobs to find the skill you want to learn.


and with such skill gems (which they call) you can equip them to your armour ( from helm to weapon to shield) where you can then cast them. Some skill gems cant function by itself, example if you have a skill gem call fire ball, if you socket it with a skill gem multiple projectile, you would be able to send up multiple fireballs.



the dept of where all customization comes is due to its passive tree. 


which is this. http://www.pathofexi...sive-skill-tree


in which all your skills and how you would like to build your character stems from there.. where there are major nodes in the passive tree that creates new builds to play around with



Currency and weapon upgrades


unlike other games, path of exile does not use gold, instead you pick up items like choas orb, gem cutter prism, divine orb,




THis could be use as currency or to further make your weapon stronger




where in AARPG, white items or vanilla items will never be picked up, however here, u can actually craft great items from it.





PoE mobs are similar to diablo where they have sur and pre fix abilites, some monster are extra fast, some are extra strong some cast spells






Game play


Path of Exile provides excellent end game and good game scaling of difficulty 


where you would need to complete the whole story 3 times on 3 difficulties to unlock the end game 


which are maps where you would find exponitally harder mosters and achieve even better and rarer weapons.


the aim of the end game maps which they call them is to reach the last map. (you actually have to hunt the 'maps' they drop from mobs in game and mobs in the 'maps')




the last map would be level 80 alluring abyss where the map piece could only drop from lv 78-79 maps.. which really makes the game play challenging.








well to keep the game fresh, leagues are introduced every few month and all the players start anew and their recent heroes would be entered in a Vault league where all the heroes from all the leagues of different time are stored


races are games they host that last from 1 hour - 2 weeks, where you could win attractive prizes if you manage to be the top few who leveled or killed your way up. * this challenges your game mechanics and on the go, not allowing you to actually follow cookie-cutter builds*






Sorry about my English. Just finished work and pretty miffed by my lab mate.


overall the game is good and refreshing,


however it is quite punishing and challenging for those who wanna create new builds themselves.

As the game does allow refunds on ure passive trees, it would be an currency. but not all builds you think would work might work

i actually have 3 heroes that could not break lv 50 due to my build


end up having to follow a cookie cutter build to reach lv 80.

but since then i have been able to understand the mechanics of the skill and game to play better i guess


Pm me if you wanna know more, but to be honest there is a bunch of hardcore PoE players in their forum that provides detailed explanation 

however if you are playing!! add me!  :rolleyes:

#1754842 Hearthstone IGNs/Battle.Net IDs

Posted by Leeroy on 22 May 2014 - 09:05 AM

I don't know how to add people.


added you, i think you can add ppl from the main battlenet platform on the top right. open friend list and add

#1751150 NeoCodex Member Locations Thread

Posted by Leeroy on 17 May 2014 - 07:13 PM

Suwon, South Korea is BEST KOREA! Korea # 1


i am from singapore 


i am going Suwon on june 30th for 5 week exchange at Ajou university!!!