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#2025403 Altador Cup XIII chit-chat

Posted by Floofy on 25 June 2018 - 12:59 PM

Man, these captchas totally put a wrench in my strategy. Now I can't play SlS with AoBs and a mouse macro. And players on the NeoBoards have always been whiny, have you seen the boards about Faerieland cheating? Omg get over it. 



These 3 bye days have been terrible for me because I log in to see if there's a match, and then have nothing to do but read the boards.  So much hatred for Faerieland: "They need to be nerfed TODAY!!!"  "nerf nerf nerf!"  "Faerieland doesn't deserve to get on the podium."  "Halving their scores would be generous...(I'll allow them to win just enough so they don't beat my team, which is the MOST legitimate team.)"  "We all know Faerieland can't get close to these scores (because they're horrible at these games/neopets/life in general) *No offense to the dedicated Faerieland players!* (except not really, wgaf about them)  I never root for the underdog and people should be kept in their place!  Come on TNT, help me keep Faerieland down! :rolleyes:

It was in my understanding that the AC was always rigged, and no team got to the top without the help of cheating groups.  It's more farfetched to think that certain teams place higher most of the time because they're "better" (What, did the teams collectively practice and come up with plays to take down the competitiion?) rather than certain teams are a more popular pick for the cheaters and legit players alike.  There's a REASON (a stupid reason) Faerieland hasn't placed before and it's not because everyone on the team sucks and therefore doesn't deserve a win.  People can switch teams every year and perhaps the players, cheaters, or a combination of both is what's causing them to win this year.  Just like every other team in years prior.  There are definitely more cheaters playing neopets than before because Jumpstart hasn't given any reason for people to play legit really... so maybe that's where those high scores are coming from.

Then there are the self-sacrificing Faerieland players tripping over themselves to assure people they know they don't deserve to win "It was wrong of us to defile the top ranks with a pink team!  It's fair for another team to win by cheating but not the pink underdogs!
I always wondered why people on this forum had something against Herdy, but wow, the stuff he posts comes off as VERY elitist.  "Faerieland should be *very* happy to win a personal best, now put them back at the kiddie table while the rest of us deploy our cheaters to win the cup."

#2009356 Photographica AC!

Posted by Floofy on 06 June 2017 - 08:45 PM

I might be way off base, but I entered.

#1813937 Why you don't want to work in customer service

Posted by Floofy on 16 October 2014 - 07:02 PM

Please watch the video Emily posted!  LOL had me in tears.  But the first vid is great too :lol2:


I don't know why I find this so funny... I've been in Jen's shoes many times lol

#1766438 What really grinds YOUR gears?

Posted by Floofy on 07 June 2014 - 08:20 PM

When you're enjoying a lovely summer day with the window open, and then the distinct smell of cigarette smoke comes wafting in like a fart.  It happens every hour or so :S