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Mathilda's Blog > About baby brother and autisme

Posted 30 May 2014


Recently I have not been online that much, mostly because my family is having major problem. I have a baby brother (actually only a year and a half younger than me buuut to me he's my baby) who's autiste. He's... not so bad, all thing consider. Yes he have violent reactions sometime, and can't interacte with most people like a normal person, and wi...

Mathilda's Blog > So bored, I deceided to reorganise my comics collection

Posted 23 April 2014

Since I'm still in bed rest and that I'm boring myself to death, I deceided to reorganise completly my dear, amazing, wonderfull and beloved comic book collection. It may seem like an easy, happy task, but when you have around 1000+ comic book, let me tell you, it's SERIOUS!

Before my series where mostly packed in a more-or-less orderly manners. I mean,...

Mathilda's Blog > So I brained myself of the job

Posted 17 April 2014

I'm a waitress, and tonight I was trying to do some clean up in the backstore, when our cook accidentally made a bunch of plates fell.

I jumped really hard, and because i'm an unlucky idiots, open up my head on the shelf over me.

So right now I'm sitting in my home with an icepack and a more or less bloody rag, wondering how the hell I am supose to ge...