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Program Manager - Coconut Shy

06 November 2021 - 06:16 PM

Can I still use the Coconut Shy auto player if I am on a browser that supports flash still, like Puffin? How does that work if so? I have only ever used chrome before flash went void!

Definitely Not New... *kiss*

01 October 2021 - 08:52 AM

I wanted to introduce myself to all the new people on here as well as update anyone who is interested in my life! Bwahaha.


Hello, you may call me Jozie. That is the name I go by now! I am married (as of November 8, 2019) finally! I am in graduate school for computer science and quantitative methods: concentration information assurance and security! Long ass name for cyber security. I am currently finishing my last month work at Cedar Point as a ride operator for the Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad.


I have been playing Neopets since the 2nd year post launch! I have access to my 2nd oldest account, sadly not my very first account. I have been on NeoCodex November 14, 2014. I have gotten some accounts frozen, but became smarter, and less impulsive with my game times! I am itching for more trophies but not sure if any of the programs are still working with the new updates Neopets is going through and the mad dash away from flash.


I am an open book! You can ask me literally anything except for my personal confidential information obviously.