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Words of Peackocky > Possible Beauty Contest Entry

Posted 27 January 2018

I am not exactly sure if this will get accepted, but I entered it anyways and am crossing my fingers... even if it gets booted from the BC contest, it's a cool art piece! 
Whatcha think? 
Edit: The above entry was rejected, which I expected lol But it still looks cool as hell! 

Words of Peackocky > Who wants some dinner?

Posted 26 July 2017

Ham, egg, and cheese souffle, crispy bacon, hashbrowns, and biscuits for dinner!!!! #Souffle #HamAndCheese #BakedBacon #NotFriedBacon #Hashbrowns #SourdoughBicuits #Breakfast4Dinner #Bes...

Words of Peackocky > Twitch

Posted 07 July 2017

Does anyone watch Twitch? Do you have a favorite streamer? What is your favorite game to watch? 
I love watching MattyPocket when he plays Smite! 
I also love to watch Baru when he is playing Friday the 13th! He is so entertaining to watch! (I may have misspelled his username lol)

Words of Peackocky > New Cell Phone

Posted 06 July 2017

So, I want to get a new phone. I am looking at Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+ but I would like to hear from you all as to what phone is amazing and I should consider. I have pretty much stayed in the Galaxy family since the first Galaxy came out! I have had the Galaxy S, S2, S3, S5, and S6. 
I am curious about the Galaxy Note phones! 
I am curious abo...

Words of Peackocky > Do people actually read these anymore?

Posted 05 July 2017

Random thoughts 
So, someone asked me the other day if I still felt like I am a mom since Kyra passed away. To that, I answered no. They looked puzzled at me but didn't further the topic. I say no because she is no longer here on this earth and I can do nothing for her anymore but think about her, look at her picture, and miss her. 
I love my bo...