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FelisNoctua's Blog > October...

Posted 23 November 2016

October was SO busy.
Finished paperwork to graduate with my masters, in December.
Saw Cumberbatch in Frankenstein.
Had a fantastic Halloween party, complete with keg beer for trick or treating parents.
And apparently, I got pregnant.
Yes, through birth control, this past long weekend full of nausea, and a missed period, led to two pregnancy tests that sai...

FelisNoctua's Blog > Picture Competition Champ, oh, and a job.

Posted 03 August 2016

I wonder if I was blogging too much, but I feel I'm DOING so much more in Neopets since having to restart. It's.... actually been kind of fun. ZOMG ZOMG ZOMG I never tried submitting anything to Neopets Picture Competition, because people put a LOT of work into it and I never thought mine would get chosen. But, I'm trying everything on this new main,...

FelisNoctua's Blog > Housewife earns 50k (np) a day! You can too!

Posted 30 July 2016

Yep, lost my funding yesterday. It's not exactly like losing my job, because I still have to do the work, only no I don't get paid for it. Actually, since the funding included my tuition waiver, that means I pay for my classes again, so I'm not only losing my paycheck but I have to pay the $1500 for my last class.
Oh, and I learned this after I'd spent an...

FelisNoctua's Blog > Neopets > Real Life

Posted 28 July 2016

Oof, what a day. Late to my appt so they wouldn't see me and I have to drive an hour back tomorrow. Then sat an hour at the optometrist so they could replace the lens they made incorrectly, and tell me my insurance had denied my claim and I owe them money, so I have to call the insurance to find out why they denied the one thing they actually pay for...

FelisNoctua's Blog > 2 Trophies, 4 Avs.

Posted 27 July 2016

Still tweaking my dailies, since my school schedule changes in August. Right now I have no schedule so I've been haphazardly trying to refill avs and set up my shop etc. I'm planning on setting things up in blocks, like when I teach. First period, VS, dailies, MT, Rubbish, Kads, let that ABer go. Then Switch up to PM and let something else go for 45 mins,...