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#2007510 Pound Pets Birthday List

Posted by FelisNoctua on 21 May 2017 - 07:40 AM

Not for the first time, I wish this list was Members Only or Advanced Only. It's frustrating to have an entire list be busy, constantly.

#2003590 Daily Dare 2017

Posted by FelisNoctua on 22 March 2017 - 12:17 PM

Day 2 (22 March) - Kou-Jong

Beat Chadley: 400 pts
Beat Abi: 130 pts


Very easy. Recommend playing on low quality because it can crash at higher quality.


EASY? After the fourth time the game forced me to reset in stage one (for running out of moves) I moved to AoB. *grouch grouch*


Posted by FelisNoctua on 10 December 2016 - 03:09 PM

I only have my Christian family members friended on my Teaching FB page (and then I have another for Me and my actual friends and people who know how weird I really am... because having a personality can get you fired as a teacher in America.)

I... cannot say ANYTHING about her rampant obnoxious "if you don't keep the Christ in Christmas you should get out of my Christian nation" hatespeach, because, teaching page. So I take special delight in debunking vapid crap she posts... even stuff as small as... 




With a "Yes, Go bless you and keep you safe." and chatting with a friend about how the soldier 'looks a lot better than those girls showing everything".


I try not to be vindictive or anything, I just... reverse google the image and find out where it's from, and then post it.


This is Spanish actress Blanca Suarez in the miniseries Los Nuestros with Hugo Silva.


And pettily revel in it.

#1997382 Today I learned...

Posted by FelisNoctua on 23 November 2016 - 12:40 PM

That I'm pregnant. Ok, it was yesterday, but still.

#1996591 Election!!

Posted by FelisNoctua on 09 November 2016 - 06:53 AM

As a woman, an atheist, a bisexual, a science teacher, a student of environmental science, and a friend of diverse people, I am so ashamed of America right now, and genuinely afraid for myself, my family, my friends, and my colleagues.

I conscientiously object to any term of Trump/Pence in the White House.

I. am aghast.

#1994791 ValorSuite (MSAB, ShapeShifter Solver, Auction Sniper, Kad Feeder, Money Tree...

Posted by FelisNoctua on 18 October 2016 - 08:20 AM

Force start should have shown up. Fixing that right now. Fixed.


You're kind of awesome. Especially since you could be all "OMG you guys, I busted tail to make this program, and all its versions, and all you do is whinge about bugs. Like it or lump it." ;)

Signed, someone who's anxiety tends to prevent her from complaining/recommending in the real world.


Posted by FelisNoctua on 15 October 2016 - 10:52 PM

I have now been drunk two nights in a row. Which makes me terrified because my mom died of alcoholism. I spend a lot of time worried about my husband's alcoholism. I don't drink a lot but I can see why people would want to feel like this Kama a lot. Okay maybe not really because I feel like I am really attention needy and board. And I can't type so I'm using my microphone for what that's worth. Seriously like half of it feels really good the other half of it disconcerting

I went to a psychiatrist yesterday and from what he gathered, apparently I have social anxiety (as I already imagined), GAD and a light depression. It actually feels good to know what's going on and finally start treating it.


Very happy that you sought help, because it took me a long time to seek help, and it's a world of difference. People care about you. I hope your therapist can show you that.


Can you extrapolate, because when I start on the internet a furry meant that you like to have sex with people dressed up in Teddy bear costumes. That's the thing, or is it more getting around it anthropomorphic images of animals and stuff

#1994087 Tell me something bad that happened to you today.

Posted by FelisNoctua on 06 October 2016 - 09:05 PM

January 25, 2011 - October 6, 2016

Today, my marriage officially died.


I'm so sorry you had to go through that. I'd give you platitudes like "it's probably for the best", but srsly, you just had a LOT of stress. I hope you get some low key days in the very near future, and it involves your favorite foods, beverages, and people.

And mental hugs, from me, whether you want them or not, but look... no actual touching strangers!


My bad? I had to drive away, nonchalantly, with pets, while husband waited for some Sgt to pick him up for National Guard hurricane duty, still nonchalantly. And I was a little proud for being all prepared and leaving on time and prepping the house to not get flooded, and I stacked the quilts on the highest thing in the house (that probably WONT flood because it's super modern) and people on Facebook were still all "Kathryn, why didn't you take the quilts too? You should have taken them." Like, dude, I just fit all the perishable food, and cats, and dog, and their important stuff, and my backpack of clothes, and backpack of everything to study for my midterm, and a tote of water and wine and a haunted gingerbread house kit, and totally didn't have room for 5 quilts (that will totally be fine), and btw, I'm totally fine, thanks for being worried. -.- #FirstWorldProblems (Glad your alive, but, why didn't you rescue the quilts?)


Posted by FelisNoctua on 19 September 2016 - 02:44 PM



THIS REPLY HAS FEMALE BIOLOGY IN IT. I shouldn't need to warn people about it, but we are incredibly backward and behind as a people and sometimes talk of menstrual blood and sex bothers people.


I've used a menstrual cup (Lunette) for about 7 years now. (Really, the same one, except the cat ate my first one within the first month. Brat snagged the bag out of my purse and chewed it up in the night!) The vagina isn't very wide and is lined with muscles, so it holds the cup in place over the cervix. Even if it's not right up against it (which it probably won't be, that could be uncomfortable) the cup is held in position. The rim of the cup and the wall of muscle create a barrier so it really doesn't leak (grain of salt*). I sleep with it, run with it, swim in the ocean with it, and have no issues. I used to wear liners just in case, and it will leak if you let it get too full or I dunno, maybe do something rigourous like horseback riding (haven't tried). They only thing you shouldn't do is be inverted (go upside down). I've not heard of it happening, but there's a chance of menstrual blood backflowing into the uterus and somehow causing problems. Really I can't see how, it would have to be a perfect storm to really cause any issues, but I don't really go upside down all that often anyway.)


How often you empty it depends on how heavy your flow is. I was a "super tampon" girl, changing every two hours. Incredibly inconvenient while in high school. But tampons don't absorb very well, and DON'T absorb uterine lining. The cup catches all that and holds about 1.5 ounces. On my Heavy days, (super tampon girl, btw), I empty it in the morning when I wake up, then again at lunch, then when I shower before bed. That's it. (They say not to leave tampons in 8 hours either, but there's really no problem putting one in before bed and leaving it until morning, but I always woke up and change it anyway).


This diagram will show you how to put it in (fold, insert, when it pops open use the end to wiggle it up to where it's comfortable. I then "stir the cup" but inserting a finger and circling the cup to make sure it's really popped open and in right. If it's uncomfortable, simply take it out and try again. Taking it out depends on your model. Mine has a tail and ridges, so I grab the tail and relax my mucles, slowly drawing it out until I can reach root of the tail, then you'll want to pinch the bottom of the cup to pull it out, so you have a good grip and don't spill awkwardly (the tail is soft, not stiff). Just dump in the toilet. If you're right by a sink, feel free to rinse it while sitting, if not, swipe it out with a tissue, and then reinsert it. Yes, your fingers will get dirty, but they do with OB tampons too, and you just wipe off with tissues before dressing and then wash your hands. It's a good idea to give it a water rinse once a day, so I usually do my last pour in the shower. Then I can make sure I get the little holes around the rim clean.


Between cycles it's best to boil the cup in hot water to sterilize it. It will discolor, but that doesn't mean it's not clean. Think, red spaghetti sauce in tupperware in the microwave: always stains the tupperware, but after you wash it, it's clean. You should boil it for about 7 minutes or so. Boring, because you have to hold it with a spoon or it will melt to the pot. Honestly, I'm one lazy chick and have gone 2-3 months between boils.


I love my cup, for a lot of reasons. It cost $50, and I save SO MUCH MONEY on menstrual products. I bought 4 reusable cloth pantiliners to wear over night or on unusually heavy days, but I don't always wear one (my period panties are black anyway, HA). Also, a lot of the discomfort I got during my period disappeared. I still have cramps, but I no longer have vaginal dryness or a cervical pain I couldn't explain. Tip: In a lot of women, the cervix distends slightly during menstruation. Mine couldn't do this properly when I was wearing tampons, and it caused pain. After a couple months of wearing the cup I was "stirring" and felt my distended cervix. I FREAKED OUT, made a gynecologist appointment, who told me everything was normal and it was supposed to do that. Tampons are the GD devil, I tell you. Sex during menstruation is even better; not just because I don't have the vaginal dryness, but because tampons don't absorb well so it was always messy. I still put a towel down just in case, but outside of the usual fluids, I've rarely had menstrual mess. (There's an extra bonus in not wasting cotton material that goes into landfills. Bleaching cotton is way bad for the environment, you know. OH and you're never caught without a tampon, because the thing goes in a little bag in between cycles and goes in your purse or backpack, and is reusable!)


There are technically two sizes, a smaller one marketed for "virgins and young girls" and a slightly larger one. I've never had kids, and (maybe TMI) have been pronounced 'tight'. Tampons were always uncomfortable. BUT I wear the "larger" one just fine.


I'm more than happy to answer any and all questions on menstrual cups. I had a gyno that asked me how I liked mine. After we talked, she said she was going to recommend her daughter try it. :)






Edit: Fixed a couple tyops. ;)

#1989541 Do you believe in horoscopes?

Posted by FelisNoctua on 09 August 2016 - 06:55 AM

TLDR: No. I think they're even less believable than religion, which at least can be argued to be "ancient" and "non-disprovable". Horoscopes are literally written weekly(etc) by a desk jockey.


There is zero evidence that horoscopes accurately predict personality traits or events in any way. I find them interesting from a psychological point of view, because they are written in such an ambiguous way that we can almost always find "ourselves" in our particular sign, and we're trained to only look at the one for our particular birthdate and therefore don't notice that the others do too. We put the blinders on ourselves. I think it's rooted in this Need to have Meaning or a Plan. Not everyone has it, but my non-scientific anecdotal observations make it seem like my most religious friends/family are the ones putting the most stock in the horoscopes.



#1988539 Ghoul Catchers - Working Again

Posted by FelisNoctua on 30 July 2016 - 12:01 PM

I don't see any other announcement for it, and I discovered it by accident today.

Happy 50king!

#1988040 Skirmish Battles

Posted by FelisNoctua on 25 July 2016 - 08:48 AM

Update: 7/25 And, somehow, Seekers won. :)

Something Has Happened!

  seekers_slb7gh.gif You are now eligible to use 'Battleground: Seekers' as an avatar on the NeoBoards!

#1987034 stupid arguments

Posted by FelisNoctua on 16 July 2016 - 08:28 AM

Stupid argument: I live in an improperly sealed 1960s house in Florida, so, in the summer we get ants. Not always, but if he leaves too much a mess on the counter, etc. They always get in the catfood bowls. So, like 1800s, I put the bowls in a pan with some water in it. Ants can't cross the moat. But, if the bowls touch the edge, and they did last week, ants get in. He complains. I fix it. This morning, the pan ran dry (it's very hot), so ants. He complained. I filled the pan, and wait for the ants to drown, so I don't have to throw out all the catfood (the cats don't care). He complains we need to find somewhere else for the food, so the Ants can't get it. I tell him ants will always find it, and remind him we've (I've) tried several places for it. It's Florida in the summer:we'll get ants. He raises his voice, repeating his demand. I ask him to stop yelling. Then it's about how He's Not Yelling, and no longer about ants.

We go to an appt to look at a rental.

Come home, 30 seconds in the door, "why are there still ants in the food?" Because they haven't all drowned yet. Complains that I should have thrown the food away.

I'm home 30 seconds, and already being criticized. I'm so tired of it.

#1986929 Stranger Things

Posted by FelisNoctua on 15 July 2016 - 12:06 PM

The show is out! I almost forgot about it, but Netflix was like HEY WATCH THIS SHOW, NOW NOW NOW


It's on my To Do list. Finishing GoT S6 first. Let us know how you like it!

#1985999 [RESULTS] Draw That Scribble Contest #4

Posted by FelisNoctua on 09 July 2016 - 03:59 PM

YES, FINALLY! Well, it was my first time trying this contest, so I'm the only one to blame :p


@FelisNoctua I used the official image to trace it, but only that :p I tried to do the shading as close as possible, but it's not as easy as I thought it would be, especially the beard x)



I claim the random PB @Bones ^_^ I'll PM you shortly!


Also, if anyone wants to host the next round, please do, I want to draw again hahaha


It's close enough that I couldn't tell. It's fantastic! :D #jealous