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#1944797 Should College be Free?

Posted by DregsandDregs on 09 February 2016 - 03:22 PM

I see so many people who don't work and have free this free that free health food stamps. The shit is bs. It all needs to be cut, all drug testing, we can't keep supporting the nation on its current plan. I've been working for the government since I was 17. I just cannot agree with the program's we have for people. Why is it people with no jobs can collect thousands for income tax? They don't pay taxes, they live in the tit of our hard work. I'd let them starve. Let those deserving get the benefits if someone has too.


It's called payroll tax.  Part of your tax is taken out of your pay check.  Then tax season rolls around and the government goes, oh, they were taxed at a higher tax bracket, we owe them money.


There's a REASON why jobs ask if you're working another job: it's so they can correct your deductible.


So yes, they do pay taxes.

#1944786 Should College be Free?

Posted by DregsandDregs on 09 February 2016 - 03:02 PM

Want free college? Go to another country. I think our country is perfect the way it was. Before obummercare. It's up to a person to manage their lives and build something, not that the country should give them the world.

Think sickens me. You going to suggest the 50-80% tax to cover all the medical and education for everyone? You can't be serious. I can't get over fast food employees wanting 15 an hour either. Those are intro jobs, not real jobs meant to be live able wages.

What happened to the old days? You work or starve and die.


You DO realize that college used to be really heavily subsidized to the point of practically being free, right?  Like, in living memory recently.


You know that whole thing about working a part time job to put yourself through college?  Yeah, that's because of subsidiaries.  That's where a lot of the tax cuts for the boomers came from.

#1941989 Corrupt FR Mod (BunnyMod/Gaia)

Posted by DregsandDregs on 30 January 2016 - 12:21 PM

Soo, I saw it on DR and I didn't quite believe it, but I used my Google-fu.


The thread has been deleted, but all hail the cache feature and I have confirmed it, you can too.


What is it?  BunnyMod preys on newbies, using her official Mod Account to offer them 1500 T for rusted treasure chests, 5000 for Iron, and 15k for gilded.  And giving false values for Swipp materials like Silver Ore (1k)




Now this isn't nearly as bad as Neopet's legal troubles, but I'm basically relying on sunkcost fallacy to hang around if this is the administration.

#1941975 Crystalline Gala 2016

Posted by DregsandDregs on 30 January 2016 - 12:06 PM

I used to make gem BANK with fesitval currency.  Rounded up a little mafia of all the lowest gem sellers and kept the price at 5 gems for a few days.  But now it crashes much more quickly.


Your best bet is to either buy up the goodies and sell them later, or sit on the snows and sell them for ~1k a piece the first few days of the next festival.

#1938708 U.S. ELECTION 2016 thread

Posted by DregsandDregs on 18 January 2016 - 06:31 AM

She's awful. She'll say anything to get elected.


You say that like that's any different from standard politicians.  I feel like we're programmed culturally to be harsher on women and to be doubtful about them.  Of course, I still hate her, but I'm trying to weed out the difference between the various ways why I feel that way


I'm Aussie as ya'll probably know anyways, so all this thread is just a bunch of confusion for me. BUT... As long as ya'll get a new Pres that is better than Tony Abbott (that cucking funt)... Then I think you'd do just fine.. Probably xD


Alas, some are worse.

#1938462 Frustrating things about yourself

Posted by DregsandDregs on 16 January 2016 - 08:34 PM

I am ALWAYS hungry. I spend more money on food than anything that isn't a monthly bill. I just ate a huge breakfast 20 minutes ago, and now i feel like I could eat a whole pot of beef stew (which is what I've been craving).



I can't say pudim (pudding - the pronunciation is pretty much the same) or peru (not the country, which, SURPRISINGLY, I can say, but the bird "turkey"). I always say pundim and perum...
My brain makes the stupidest associations and... whatever. Peru (bird) = Peru (country). Turkey (bird) = Turkey (country), made me chuckle nervously.
My OCD with numbers. And I hate number 9, because 9+9=18, 1+8=9 but 9+9=18 and again 1+8=9. Where's the end of it??

Me too! People joke a lot about it, which makes me really mad, because it's not something I can control. "How the hell are you not rolling when you move from place A to place B?" - a nice way to say I should be FATTER, or "WHY are you eating that whole cake when we just had dinner?" (the latter was said to me right now). Do people really think I want to eat like this? I've tried to eat less, but it doesn't work, I feel like I'm going to starve a few hours later.
The opposite also happens. There are days when I can't eat at all. The mere thought of food is disgusting.
My fuse box is broken.



^ My life


Oh god, this is me, or was me.  I'm partially cured of it.


You wanna know how?


Glass of water (sometimes with sugar and apple cider vinegar, which I should get back into the habit of doing) and sitting down, figuring out what the fuck is it that I actually want, and then?  EATING IT.


For me it was, ack, craving, hungry, eat something else, ack, still hungry, hunt hunt hunt stuff my face.


I find when I actually scratch that itch I feel much better and less hungry.  The trick is IDing exactly what I want/need.  I have a craving for fish, do I actually want fish vis a vis fish, or am I after the salt+iodine?  Or is it the oil?  Protein?  Or just the flavor?  (Once I found myself satisfied with butter, sour cream, chives and smoke salt.  It tasted oddly fishy and just hit the spot so I settled down)


Beef craving for me is usually a fat+umami craving.  The Umami is from the browning of the meat.

#1936739 Hello!!

Posted by DregsandDregs on 10 January 2016 - 11:12 PM

Welcome!  And good luck, may the eyes of the admins never be upon you, may the rolling bans be warded from your ISP, may you errors never interrupt your farming.