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In Topic: So how about that Neofriends Online bar working now?!

14 July 2017 - 10:45 PM

I fucking hate this...I added people because it seemed like the friendly thing to do...now I have to look at their ugly ass avatars.

In Topic: Netdragon acquires Jumpstart!?

05 July 2017 - 02:15 PM

I was wondering why Netdragon sounded so familiar. I used to play Conquer Online back in the day. Then the game went downhill as they became greedier and greedier and made almost everything that was good as P2P, and not just a few dollars either. Hundreds to thousands needed to be spent to make the account actually useful to battle others. I quit CO around then. I'd like to see them try something like that with Neopets!

ooo yeah, some reviews about that remind me of the end of viacom era. "Greedy" , "destroyed the game", and "no support for their games" seem to pop up a lot.......It is hard to imagine how they would do to neopets what they did to CO though....I just can't see the average person spending 50 dollars on it, let alone hundreds...or thousands.


But, I don't feel very good about it after reading reviews. Their history suggests that they will do the absolute minimum.

In Topic: Show me your knees.

24 June 2017 - 06:53 PM

Everytime I see this thread pop up it reminds me of that song "Show me your gentials".....like a radio censored version of it or something.

In Topic: Caption contest #39 [RESULTS]

24 June 2017 - 06:51 PM

Congrats Voodoo! mmmhmmm go spend that money girl.

In Topic: I'm sorry to all the victims out there. The U.S has lost its way.

23 June 2017 - 03:17 PM

Edited: Putting all future postings on the blog instead. No reason for my anger, disgust, and political rantings to be on this forum.



Wellp I'm really not sure what prison in the states is like, but I can tell you that it's not like that here. There are no Xboxs, relaxation rooms, and whatever else. It's a dingy place where you get what you need and little else.


Also, aren't the vast majority (if not all?) prisons in the states privately owned? These private companies treat the prison system like a cash cow, which it basically is. Which is also a huge problem, in my humble opinion.

Yes, the private prisons are terrible. They do a lot of underhanded things - and neither the guards nor inmates fair well in those situations. For example, medical visits can be as high as 20 bucks per visit at a private prisons- while they are 5 dollars( free for those who can't afford 5 dollars) at state prisons. Every state is different, but that was just one example. In private institutions they have to pay for their own luxuries AND basic rights. In a government institution they are have those things at a reduced price with the rest  paid for by the tax payers.


Inmates should be afforded basic human rights, so I'm against private prisons, but the high cost to house prisoners is moving many prisons to consider that direction. The current trend at the moment is passing legislation which makes it easier to release  offenders so they don't have to be housed.  Many people falsely assume that this will only included people who shouldn't be in jail in the first place AKA things like DUIs. But, in reality, many dangerous people are put back into society as well. It's not just non violent offenders.


In my area we had someone robbed and murdered by an offender who was released .....in less than 2 months after it was put into effect.


That man gave him the money, but it wasn't enough. The guy who shot him didn't want to go back to jail and killed him so he couldn't talk. Just some poor clerk who was trying to make an honest living. Probably had kids to take care of.