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08 April 2018 - 05:11 AM

Another day, another negg:

Look hard to find me among the crowd, where chatter and stories are all around.

Apparently this is the Second-hand Shop.


Got them all (that you've linked to) up to today, though had to catch up over the last few days! Thanks :)

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04 April 2018 - 06:34 AM

Day 6:


A hard one now, you'll have to think. Look for a place where there is a lot of pink.


Faerie Paint Brushes


Went all stealthy - and got a stealthy eye mask!

In Topic: Neggfest 2018

03 April 2018 - 10:00 AM

Yeah they usually release a stamp as a prize.
Sometimes it is for completing everything say of release... but sometimes it is just for completing everything and they give something else as a release day prize

Day 5:

Tip toe, tip toe, try to be silent. You'll find me near a big fat giant.


wow rude. This'll either be Snowager or Turmaculus



Thanks. Just caught up and gt the following:


Origami Fence (wearable)

Knit Slippers (wearable)

Bejewelled Blumaroo (wearable)

Stealthy Eyed Burger


This is for days 2 through to 5

In Topic: Neggfest 2018

30 March 2018 - 05:46 AM


Everybody's most favourite, most horrifying Cybunny is back




Go to the Festival of Neggs homepage to join the hunt!



Day 1 clue:

Hop to it, the fun has begun. You will find me where painting is done.
This leads to The Rainbow Fountain
4 eggs to choose from so far, prize pool is (*'s next to wearables):
Galaxy Negg:
Galaxy Cupcakes, Galaxy Lipstick*, The Galaxy Book
Jewelled Negg
Jewelled Goblet of Berry Squash, Bejewelled Blumaro*, Jewelled Aisha
Knit Negg
Knit Glass Cozy, Knit Glass Cozy*, Knit Negg Plant*
Origami Negg

Origami Ice Cream, Origami Fence*, Origami Gelert Plushie


You can also get this egg that's for the NC portion:


Sprouting Flower Magical Negg

Remember: For neggfest, find each egg on the day of release to get Gold checkmarks. There's often a bonus prize for doing everything on day of release.



Thanks! I was hoping there would be a guide on here. Awesome stuff, now I need to remember to come on here every day to get the reward!

In Topic: Charity Corner 2018

30 March 2018 - 05:42 AM

It will be nice to sell all the sheet i want to sell and dont wait for ever for people to haggle.

...or move my items to a side acc because im silenced and i cant haggle that way [Screw you JS]


Can't you just shut down your main and/or just swap a current side account to a main, making your old main a side account? I'm sure TNT said that you could swap a main as a side and a side as a main, but only once every so often?


And thanks @CaptainDantes for the info, it seems like I may finally be able to sell high value items without dealing with the Trading Post (not that I have any high value items anyway)