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#1926849 Pokemon Fusion

Posted by tmanowen on 28 November 2015 - 09:09 PM

If this is still going on I'd love to see something like Genusaur



#1908934 [Guide] Utilizing 1 NP items

Posted by tmanowen on 05 September 2015 - 02:32 PM

Hi, I didn't really find anything like this in the guides section, so let me know if I am reposting anything, sorry if so**. But um so this is just something I'd like to share as I haven't exactly contributed anything yet and everyone needs to start somewhere :p. Anyways to this guide and explanation:


This guide is going to show 3 different ways you can actually make money off of buying 1NP items in shops. This guide is not for the super rich and wealthy, which I think is a lot of this site, but more for the casual players that don't use any software and just kind of want to make the money they can by doing everything legit :)


Method1: 1NP profits.

This method can be done with any of the 1NP items as it works for most / all of them. How this is done is you search for a common 1np item, either by name or if you don't know the name of any, by: NeoCodex or JellyNeo. It's best to use the NeoCodex Databse for these, because it's the most often purchased items, but in reality you could use either. Once you find an item you want, or a few you like, just search of them at 1NP in shops and just purchase them. Throw em up in your shop for 2NP, and within a week, they should sell! :). This does not often work with Shiny Obsidian, so just try to stay away from that item if you can.



tl;dr: buy 1np item's you find in shops, throw em up in your shop for 2np.


Method2: 1NP for more sales.

This method can be done with any item just like Method1. It's very similar in setup wise but after you choose your items, instead of actually putting them up for 2NP, you will relist them up for 1NP again. Now you may be wondering why this would help you.. But by doing this, you are actually bringing more people to your shop, and the more people are in your shop, the more likely they are to browse your shop, maybe bookmark it, and just hopefully buy some other item. If you are in a shop that you found one of your items in, and you find another item you need, you probably will just buy it there rather than trying to search around for another priced one, so it's kind of targeting those types of people. And will get you some sales hopefully, how it has for me. Even if you are selling your 10NP items because of it, it's still helping your shop generate more customers which then equals more profits :).



tl;dr: buy 1np item's to relist in your shop, so you get more hits on your shop


Method3: Trading Post

Using the JellyNeo Item database, of more in terms of less bought 1NP items, you can actually cheat your way through winning the "free" trading post offers. When there are people posting the free trading post or looking for junk or best offer of junk, they want something other than the regular 1NP item. If they see Rotting Driftwood they probably won't pick you, but if they see something like Starry Crunch or Sloth Gummies, they might see it of wow oh this person is giving me a better than junk item and I should pick them rather than this junk probably no one really would want :p This will not make you win every free trade, but will increase your chances highly :)



tl;dr: Use "rare" 1np items to get more 1np items



Thanks for reading my first guide here, and I really hope it helps someone and thanks for a great forum here :) Much Appreciated and hope I can share some more guides or helpful things to you guys here at NeoCodex :)

#1879631 What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?

Posted by tmanowen on 10 June 2015 - 10:55 PM