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24 August 2015 - 05:47 AM

Hi Guys,

I am fairly new on to neocodex, so thought I would write my own post saying hi!.


about me:

1. MKO is the abbreviation of the nickname as Japanese friend gave me. I prefer to use MKO than the nickname. Short and Sweet.

2. I love animals. have the most gorgeous affectionate kitten in the world and adore her- but she still has a bit to learn. and have two very different dogs.

One of those dogs fails at being a dog. Can't catch a ball unless you throw it directly in his mouth. is hyper active and runs too fast and falls off things. He also has a fascination with shadows on the roof and is always looking at them or chasing them

3. I first started neopets probably about 15 years ago, but decided to change my password to something silly and must have typed it wrong as never got back into my original account.

4. I love art- love to paint and write, have purchased a few paintings off fairly famous artist. Doubt I will ever make one good enough to sell my own. but We will see.

5 I have actually finished university and work full time now. Studied science.


That is probably all you need to know about me. Lovely to meet you all.