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Today, 08:55 PM

Better sign up for premium, make sure neopets gets dat moneyyyy

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Today, 08:54 PM

Word on the boards is if you beat up the wraith a bunch and get a high % on your achievements page, the % bar stars glowing/flashing.

I'd suspect, based on previous plots, that you'd get some extra points at the conclusion for additional wins past what's required. Probably not a huge amount of points though.

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Today, 03:12 PM

Thanks @KyloRen !

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Yesterday, 05:21 AM

Finished an art commission for someone yesterday and they were like "yeah that looks great" then this morning they come at me being like "hey why did you colour this bit in this style I commissioned you because I like your regular style ugh". I'm like... dickhead, you sent me extremely specific refs for that part and asked me to do it more like that than what I'd usually do. Ughhhh why do I ever open for commissions (oh yeah, it's to cover my extensive medical bills)

In Topic: The Wraith Resurgence

Yesterday, 01:40 AM

Yep, looks like Wraith Ectoplasm is now a 100% drop on hard mode. Less likely but still possible on lower difficulties.



Wraith Ectoplasm

Eww... Purple goo! This item is part of The Wraith Resurgence plot.


Once you've got 3x Wraith Ectoplasm, go to Taelia and help her make the potions. Click the scroll on her table to see the potion recipe here




Now click the words 3x Wraith Ectoplasm to create the potion




The potion is a no-trade item called:



Taelia's Concoction I


images exist on the server for the remaining potions (the image URLs use roman numerals), so looks like we'll be at it for a while.



Once you've done that you unlock the Achievement Bubble, Bubble however at this point it does not give any rewards.



Brew 2 potions (which will be 6 Wraith Ectoplasms total) and go to The Giant Omelette and The Giant Jelly to clear them of fog (an option will be given to use the potion at each). This looks super buggy at the moment though. For me it just keeps prompting to use the potion lol

edit: If it's glitchy and not clearing for you, try Chrome.



As far as I'm aware, that's all the plot steps right now.

Here's all the potion images, for funsies