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WD2 cnc needed

16 June 2017 - 04:03 AM

Hi There


Got inspired a lot lately reading the Walking Dead comics.  Its nice to feel like opening PS again, I find it so hard to be inspired to do anything.


Anyways I digress....



In one of the comics there was an image that I really wanted to recolor and tweak very lightly (at some point I am going to render this image as well but that is goign to take some time, so that will come later). So today spent awhile doing this and I feel its finished but thought I would put it out there for CNC.


Orig Img








I think it also works well as a tag:



Unfinished projects and stuff

14 June 2017 - 05:19 AM

Just a thread to post my unfinished projects or finish gfx that I dont want to use but others are free to use.


Yep I did say that any image posted here is free to use, adapt, change or just plain butcher!!!  (if you want PSDs pm me and I will send over)



Blade Runner image never finished this but its 2 images blened into 1, was going to adjust the rain and then text.



Unfinished "Pop" desktop



Walking Dead desktop unfinished



Walking Dead tag re above



Ash (very early stages manip needs a lot of work)




Go ahead use or do what you will.


Will keep this thread updated with anything new that is unfinished and lost my interest in.

New Stamp Avi glitch

12 June 2017 - 06:39 AM

There is a new stamp avi being shown around the boards today and to get it you need to view Faerieland page with it completed and you get this event:





Seems the JS are releasing a new avi but messed up the coding and put it to Faerieland and not to Skenkuu.  I can confirm this works and does increase your avi count.


Get the avi now while you can (if you have completed FL that is) or stock up on Shenkuu stamps as they are going to increase in value very quickly.




DOES not need to be FL it works with any FULL page.  Also there is a new Shell Stamp avi.



Hi again

31 May 2017 - 11:25 PM

Hi all


Its been awhile since I have been here lots has happened in my life mainly work related.  I am now back and able to consentrate a bit more on my life and hoping to get back into neopets more.  I hope everyone is good feels so long since I have last been here I will try and catch up as best as I can.


Anyways just a quick hello and hope everyone is good.