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my sometimes miserable life > My parents are leaving :D

Posted 06 May 2016

So some of you may have read my previous blog about my parents. So I have exciting news since the last time I posted!!! They are moving back to Russia!! It has been a long time coming. In Russia they have high qualifications and here in Australia they have minority jobs which are slowly making them depressed (which I highly understand, as I would probably...

my sometimes miserable life > my parents.....

Posted 10 March 2016

I'm a full bred Russian girl: tall, long legs, blonde hair, blue eyes. Basically what you would imagine a Russian girl to look like. And my parents worship these "pure" qualities. Don't how long this will turn out but I will start from the very beginning. 
So I was growing up, my dad was never around (I was living in Australia with my siblings and mu...