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#2016068 Catching up.

Posted by iargue on 28 September 2017 - 05:16 AM

So I'm back after another really long delay, wondering what is up. I head a few people got married.


I'm in order, doing network engineering for a consulting firm. I did the networking for disney's new guest wifi, which was cool, and am currently doing wireless for all of red lobsters stores in the nations.


I've got a fiance at this point, she is going to be a teacher, graduating in December.


I have four cats now, olive, tyco, sabrina, and yuko.



How are the rest of you old timers doing?

#1633403 SDB Pricer, and Bug Tracker Now Live

Posted by iargue on 10 October 2012 - 07:07 AM

It would be good if, for items not already in the database, the program could search the shop wizard x times to get the price and also send the information for that item to the itemdb for processing for the future. Could be a good way to get some of the newer items populated in the database. :)

I feel like it might be even smarter to off load this to the server.

Create a neocodex neopets account, load it up into the api. When items that are not in the database are requested, add it to the que. Search the shopwizard for the items in the que and then add them to the database on a schedule. That way you get maximum speed from the program, while still added in prices to the database as we need them.

#1632348 Banning of Khaligula

Posted by iargue on 04 October 2012 - 09:25 PM

I invite your punishment, as long as you are consistent. Though I expect inaction, given a mod, subject to rules more stringent than that of a normal member, only received a slap on alleged the wrist. :rolleyes:

Honestly, your entire behavior in this thread is just being a dick and nothing else. You have no grounds for your arguments, and so you result to insulting the staff and accusing them of imaginary things instead.

No one can justify him staying around. He was a pure disruption to the forum, and never provided anything constructive ever. While plenty of member of the board do not provide anything constructive, they do not also disrupt the board on a clear and consistent basis. On top of his attitude, he was also making debate topics after being clearly told that he cannot back debate topics anymore. That is a clear defiance of the administration, and they reserve every right to remove him from the forum. the rules are in place so people who want to be here can improve their act, not for people who just want to disrupt the forum.

Waser Lave posted information that was otherwise available on the internet. While I may not have seen this information (Removed too quickly) everyone states that it was already provided by someone else, and Waser Lave simply linked to that. This breaks absolutely zero rules, and actually carries no punishment. It is not against the rules to post publicly available information, and Waser Lave was completely in his rights to post that information. On the same grounds the Administration is in their right to remove the information and inform Waser Lave that he should not be posting the information.

#1631674 What the hell administration?

Posted by iargue on 03 October 2012 - 08:35 AM

You gave Khaligula access to the Debate section again? After all the extra work he caused your mods, and yourself, and all of the bullshit you had to put up with, you decided "Yeah. This time it will be a good idea!"

I would like to understand your reasoning behind this, given that its already proven to be a bad idea....

#1628815 [xkcd] Click and Drag

Posted by iargue on 19 September 2012 - 09:21 PM


http://imgs.xkcd.com/clickdrag/1n48e.png - change the number in bold to any number from 1 to 48 to see the entire sequence. I just had to make sure I got to see everything!


Zoomable click and drag version of this game. Much easier to see everything!

#1626109 A formal Apology.

Posted by iargue on 09 September 2012 - 09:36 PM

Posting this in chit-chat because post count is silly.

I've already apologized to all of the Administration, but I also feel that I owe an apology to the members of codex as well. A while back, I was in a bad place in my life, and because of that I made some very terrible decisions, and this negatively affected the majority of users on the board. I have no excuse for what I did, but I do know why I did what I did, and I recognize now that my actions were stupid and idiotic. I simply want to apologize for my actions, not only during that time frame, but during that time before. I hate that I lost so many friendships, as all of them meant so much to me. That is part of what made things so bad, because every friendship that I lost made me feel worse and worse, and made me hate myself more and more. I will forever try and fix those relationships, even though I doubt a lot of them are fixable, I just hope that time is enough to make up for my mistakes.

To make a long story short. I'm sorry for the people that I hurt on here. I'm sorry for the difficulty that I cause. I'm sorry for the inconvenience that I caused to everyone. I should have acted better on my behalf, but I wasn't mature enough to act how I should have, I guess. I simply made some terrible choices, and every terrible choice that I have made, leads to more terrible choices. It was a huge negative spiral and I am glad to be out of it now. From now on I will try and be a better person, and I have been trying (I hope you guys have noticed). I'm glad for everything I've experienced on this board, and I want to improve my image as best as possible, and the first step in doing this is to express that I realize what I have done is wrong.

Thank you.

#1625562 EA making sure all games have online component

Posted by iargue on 07 September 2012 - 11:02 PM

Who cares about EA. its been a long time since I liked one of their games.

#1624677 Democratic National Convention

Posted by iargue on 05 September 2012 - 02:08 AM

I stopped watching this speech after he turned to bashing everything about the Mitt Romney campaign. Thats all I feel like they do anymore. They just sit there attacking each other, saying bad things about each other. It feels like this entire campaign comes down to "I at least I'm not the other guy" and nothing more then that.

Why do we not have a politician that openly states their plan on how to do what they promised. Why don't they provide us with the bills and policies that they plan on enacting to accomplish the magical "Reduce taxes and the deficit" goal that they always promise? Why is the question always "What will do you" Not "What is your exact plan on accomplishing this?".

I can't put my support behind anyone that just says they will do something. My first chance to vote was to vote for Obama, and I've never been so disappointed in my life. Politics is a horrible thing.

#1623227 Universal Studios Rollercoaster Prank

Posted by iargue on 31 August 2012 - 01:24 AM

We have annual passes to Universal Studios. This is the first of the many pranks that we have planned.

Posted Image

I am the one of the far left (Not the last female, she is a random).

What do you think? Our next prank will be us wearing Avengers Mask with a Sign that says "I bet you wish you were in Avengers and we will ride the spiderman ride.

#1621117 Violetsun's play by post

Posted by iargue on 26 August 2012 - 01:55 AM

Then I'm not actually very interested in doing this. For a few specific reasons.

1)Say, I want to be a traveling sales man. How does that fit into your story? When 2 other people are warriors, another person is a dog, and the final person is blind? Too much confusion ruins the storyline
2)If this is not organized, it will easily fall apart, especially on this forum. Everyone has different times they are on, different posting speeds, and pretty much everything. For instance, I work every day, and so I can post occasionally through the day, and then occasionally at night (I'm using working on a project or schooling). Other people can post all day long for hours on end. If there is no cohesion to who does their part and when, or when the story continues, some people will be left out, while others get to dominate the story line.
3)This is not roleplaying. This is story creation. In roleplaying, you do not create the story or the concept behind the story. You just create the character, and respond to the situation. The role of a GM is to create the world and the situation and allow the person to create a unique character and influence the scenario with their choices. Its very easy to come up with hundreds of different ways of showing up (I'm mowing the lawn and discover you guys. I'm a bounty hunter hunting you. I'm their dad and I am pissed. I just got done peeing in the woods). But its much funner to have the scenario created for you (The true job of a gm) and then we get to decide what our character are going to do to try and survive the situation, and you provide the outcome/change of the story for us.
4)We only know one of the two characters names. What if I want to be the guys best friend, am I supposed to be like "Runs up and hells. "HEY KID, why would you ditch your bed friend like that? That was rude. Oh and your fucked". Atleast name both of the characters for any hope of starting.

There is a reason that the only post that you have a kami12, who just created an imaginary girlfriend, exaggerated his looks, and had her make out with him. If you want this to progress into something worthwhile, it is up to you to create structure from chaos and define everything to the point where there is not confusion (Because guess what. There already is).

If you do that, I would be more then willing to play with you. But if you don't, then hopefully you'll find someone else that wants to play.

#1621093 Vigilink

Posted by iargue on 25 August 2012 - 10:44 PM

This Vigilink? system where it posts ads in all of our links automatically puzzles me.

There is no announcement regarding this addition, which is a huge disappointment because the administration has always given us a heads up about things.

AD's have been enabled for Free users. I can understand that move. But not there is ads for everyone, without an announcement or notice or anything, which is extremely disheartening. In text ads are the worst, because people do not even understand that they are ads, and simply think its a link to somewhere. This tricks many people into click an ad when they did not want to click an ad.

Can we get a post or explanation or anything regarding the sudden implementation of ads for non-free users, and the whole link based ad situation?

#1621088 Violetsun's play by post

Posted by iargue on 25 August 2012 - 10:32 PM


#1620720 Apple Samsung patent trial: Jury reaches verdict

Posted by iargue on 24 August 2012 - 03:26 PM

I can't see that one going through given that it was in use in devices before Apple did it. :/ Then again you can never tell with juries...

Every single design feature that Apple tried to sue samsung on, existed on devices before.

The patent system is the most fucked up system in the planet. You can get a patent on anything you want these days. Its out of control, you don't even have to be the first person to use it or anything, and you can get a patent for it. There are also hundreds of patents that are held by multiple people that are the same exact thing, with just different wording.

The fact that the jury is technically incompetent is also a huge issue thats wrong with the court system. Like blizzard being able to block the sale of bots on "copyright" claims. If the judges and jury knew anything at technology they would laugh at such a rediculous claim.

Hey! If it wasn't for apple, touch screen wouldn't exist!! ;)

I really hope this is sarcasm....

Like. I'm praying to every single god that has ever been created/imagined/anything else that this is not a serious statement.

Sadly, there is a 90% chance that there is.

#1620071 The last 6 warns.

Posted by iargue on 22 August 2012 - 03:46 PM

The last six warns have all been regarding a single person, and their behavior.

This shows a high level of disruption amongst the community as there hasn't been a case in years of multiple people being warned over the same person, and as such, I feel as though something extra should be done to prevent this kind of behavior elicited from members.

Do you feel as though actions should be taken to prevent this from happening again, and if you do, what should be done?

TL;DR Someone posted stupid comments to the point were 6 people received warns due to his behavior and their reactions. Should further action be taken.


#1617652 Why do people think that nature is good?

Posted by iargue on 16 August 2012 - 03:27 PM

You do realize that almost a trillion humans have died to the hands of other humans?

Every since we started recording history, there have been thousands of wars. Some on a smaller scale, with only a few thousand dying. Others on a global scale with millions dieing. While your limited knowledge makes you think that there are just two major global wars, and then there was the revolutionary war, and maybe you heart about the crusades, you don't know about the hundreds of thousands of wars that happened in the past, or the four wars that are currently occurring in the world right now. You know about the iraq war, but not about the rest.

In 20011, the number of KNOWN and REPORTED murders (This excludes any "lawful" murders, such as war, execution, military action, etc), is 466,078. Thats almost HALF A MILLION humans dead within a single year, this excluding the hundreds of thousands that are executed by the government, the hundreds of thousands of murders that are not reported, and the hundreds of thousands of murders that occur via war/guerilla action.

Do animals kill more then that? Probably. But they ALWAYS eat the remains. They kill and they eat, to survive. Do we eat the humans that we kill? No. Do even do anything with the bodies? Nope. In fact, we waste a huge amount of resources to bury the bodies, or burn them for pollution.

I'm sorry, but the Human race is by no means "safe". We can try and justify our actions, and we can try and say that we are not as bad as the rest of the world. But the facts state that we are a brutal species just like any other species, but we are also much much more wasteful.

There is a nice and handy source to prove you're wrong.

And I'm done with this thread :)