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Is it preferable to stay in one shop, or to let abrosia cycle through a few.

07 June 2016 - 07:20 PM

As the title says, is it preferable to stay in one shop, or letting abrosia run in a few specific shops with a cycle time of say 1-2 minutes to perhaps catch a few different restocks.

Back into neopets.

06 June 2016 - 06:02 PM

Used to play a lot about 11 years ago, lost my account to scam i was young it got frozen and i couldn't recover it :p.




Started playing again in about 2010 and learned about neocodex, played for a year or two then got frozen on my main (the account was really old to created around the time neopets opened :[ and had a collection of nice UC pets). Could of been for a variety of reasons was using abrosia, Score sended, did dailies on multiple shell accounts with out proxies didn't bother to try and recover it. Also had an account on neocodex but completely forgot the email i used to register. ( i know the name but didn't bother trying to recover it so i just made this new account)




Now to 2016 decided to start playing again missed the flash games, trading etc, So i made a fresh account, got myself some well named real word pets, and have been playing for about a week or two. Been having a lot of fun being back decided to feel the nostalgia and fun of auto buying and stock market. So i created a new neocodex account since i couldnt remember the info to my old one and have started auto buying. This account is going to be a main so im trying to keep it safe trying not to look to suspicious auto buying. Trying to get some trophies that i can legitimately. 



Well its nice to meet you all, and its nice being back in the community.