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#1988228 Using Tor as a Free Proxy, e.g. for AC Scoresending on Shells

Posted by giosACyear on 26 July 2016 - 05:10 PM

Thank you @GetJinxed (: 

I often had trouble with serials and found the change of register to be easier, but i'll try the ones provided in the first page by @ratcoffee and if it fails then i'll google it and share the working ones i find, here too..f needed XD


Wow thank you very much, those offers you presented here are amazing and i'll definetely check it out and post any doubts/feedback here, thank you very much!


Thank you too @HiMyNameIsJunjie : D I did read what @shrouded said but i forgot to test the other ones, thank you very much!


Thanks @shrouded too for the alternatives suggested, 


Sorry for the noob questions XD i don't know much about proxy yet but i've been reading and learning, neocodex is a good place for learning about that (:


Thank you guys!