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Capsule Gene Released!

31 August 2017 - 08:30 PM

News post isn't out yet, and it's not even in the scryshop yet either (it should be in an hour or few, though) but here's the requirements for it on Baldwin's Brew. :p




EDIT: About 5 minutes after I posted this they started the Live Update, haha. Here's the gene preview!



Mobile games?

23 August 2017 - 08:57 PM

So, anyone play any good mobile games/have recs?


I've been stuck in RNG hell lately trying to get good pulls out of games like Crusader Quest and Monster Super League. I played around on Fire Emblem Heroes for a while but my old phone couldn't handle it; might redownload it on my new phone, though! (Though that's probably a bad idea since I'll end up putting money into that too...)


I'm looking for recs for any sort of fun game that's not super time sensitive (i.e. games like Mystic Messenger actually required you to check at specific times to get events) + preferably either doesn't have buyable currency or is fairly easy f2p to discourage myself from spending money on anything lol. I also really like mobile sim games, like all the stuff from Kairosoft! 

Favorite Apparel?

23 August 2017 - 07:42 PM

There's been a ton of new apparel coming out pretty steadily on the site, so I wanted to know what everyone's favorite apparel sets/individual pieces were! :D


I was honestly so stoked when the sage set came out - I love the aesthetic of it, and especially the colors on the Golden sage set!

I also really love the wing banners that was released with the gladiator/barbarian stuff. They were exactly what I needed for some dressups I wanted to do. :)

Overwatch Summer Games!

08 August 2017 - 02:56 PM

Overwatch summer games event begins today! All the past summer games legendary skins are only 1000 coins, while the new ones are 3000. I'm really digging a lot of these new skins, especially Mercy and Widowmaker! Polygon has a post with all the new skins here.





Skins aside, I also really love this new Pharah intro. I'm praying really hard to the RNG gods in hopes that all my loot boxes give me the stuff I want...I know what game I'll be wasting all my time with this week. ;D


What do you guys think? Have any skins you like in particular? Getting frustrated with queue times? Personally I think McCree's new skin is nifty but his hair just looks so bad lol.

Dappervolk Kickstarter Tiers!

05 August 2017 - 08:18 PM

A few days ago Dappervolk finally announced all of their Kickstarter tiers + when the Kickstarter will be going up! It's launching on August 30th, 12:01am EST, and you can see all the reward tiers and prices here! All the prices are in CAD.


What are you guys' thoughts on it? Anyone else thinking of backing? I think I'm at least going to grab the Seedling tier for the beta access; early sparrow tier is tempting but I'm not sure if I'll be awake in time to grab it. :(