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Two Guys in the woods...

26 October 2016 - 05:02 PM

PG 13 joke...it's an old joke, but the only one I can ever remember :D


There are two guys who go camping far in the woods.  While they're out there, one of them decides to wander off to go to the bathroom and is bitten by a snake on the butt.


The guys panic as it's a poisonous snake.  Worried about his bitten buddy, the other guy calls 9-11 to get him help.  Finding out that they are nowhere near help, the 9-11 operator gives him advice to keep him alive until help gets there.  "You'll need to cut where he was bitten and suck out the venom to keep him alive until help gets there." she says.


The bitten guy asks his friend, "What did she say?"


"I'm sorry, man, she said you're going to die."

My Audiobook Collection

26 October 2016 - 04:54 PM

No idea if anyone is as into audiobooks as me, but I'll give this thread a try.  I have an incredibly monotonous job so I listen to audiobooks all day.  I prefer Audible because of its ease of use.  I have close to 200 books in my collection so far.


I tend to enjoy the fantasy genre and lately I've been listening to the whole "living-inside-a-game" subgenre nicknamed LitRPG.


Some of my favorites from my collection:


Harry Potter - I have all of these by Jim Dale


Artemis Fowl - Not as good as HP, but man it's still pretty good YA fantasy.  It's about a young egotistic genius who pokes his nose into the world of creatures like faerie etc. 


Hell's Super - This series actually made me laugh, it's pretty funny but depends on your sense of humor I guess.  It's about the guy in hell who is superintendent (fixes everything that breaks in hell).  His assistant is Orson Welles, and it features a well rounded cast of characters.



In the living-inside-a-game genre:


Survival Quest - a man is arrested under false charges and sentenced to hard labor inside the virtual reality mine of a video game.


Play to Live - a man dying of cancer decides to go "perma", which is to say he downloads his soul into a game similar to Runescape or WoW.  Great series though slows down toward the end.


Off to Be The Wizard - a man discovers the world he's living in is all just a computer simulation meaning it can be altered by access to a specific file he accidentally found.



Superhero adventure:


Don't Tell My Parents I'm a SuperVillain - a young girl is the daughter of two retired superheroes and is just coming into her powers.  Due to no fault of her own, she becomes a supervillain...and find she enjoys it, and what's more is good at it.


The Rules of Supervillainy - a guy decides to become a supervillain when his brother dies due to a hero.  He finds he is not very good at it (at first).  Hilarity ensues.


End of the World


The Hunger Games - Enjoyed the first book, the last two sucked.


Divergent - Enjoyed the first book, need to finish the series.


The Maze Runner - Same as The Hunger Games, good first book but horrible ending


And btw, there is a really good free book though it's rather short:  It's called The Dispatcher.  In the near future, people can't die by murder, only through suicide and natural causes.  If you're murdered, you simply reappear as you were several hours before in your bed at home. 


For example, if you are undergoing a risky surgery, and it seems you are about to die, a dispatcher will murder you so you appear in your bed rather than dying a final death through a doctor's carelessness, etc.


26 October 2016 - 09:49 AM

I'm glad supernatural is finally back. I wonder if this is finally the last season?


No idea where Crowley vs lucifer is going but it's a fun story line so far.

Ways to improve neopets

26 October 2016 - 07:05 AM

I know there are a lot of negative aspects to Neopets, but I thought I would focus on ways to improve it. These are my ideas...they are not necessarily good ones.

I would want...

The ability to have a template gui for those who don't want to code user lookups, shops, pet pages etc. So say I love my ixi, I could choose out of several styles of pet pages and add options like counters etc without any coding myself.

Quests that are actually useful.

Much much better shop and trades search system

Slightly animated pets. Blinking, footstomping etc

Clean up dead areas of the site that have no use.

Allow replay of plots. Play Brucey b plot for access to desert, sloth for space station etc

Allow NC to be spent on items we actually want like potions and paint brushes

I'm here because I'm a horrible Neopets player

23 October 2016 - 03:39 PM

I'm actually pretty bad.  I just don't have the time to devote to becoming a master, and yet there are things I want (such as an Alien Aisha) that a community like this could help me with.  I'd also like to hang with other people who enjoy playing Neo like myself.  Basically some nice people who share my interests would be fun to talk with occasionally


Other than that, there's not too much to say about myself.  I live in the south-eastern US and work customer service on the phones.