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Avatar Lending

19 November 2017 - 11:54 PM

Ohml's Avatar Lends




I don't have any "big boy" lends,though I know my service will come in handy with shells, who knows maybe some mains will need it as well.




  • 300 + posts
  • 6 monts in codex
  • Your not a meanie
  • account should already have 125 + avatars

Petpet Lends:



Note: Some already have the age and I will send the pet, but most of them are waiting in SDB.








Note: Packrat will cost 5 unique codestones just beacuse it's a pain in the ass.



If you want anything PM me with "AL" in the title. I lend to any account, yes that does include shells. Please though, I prefer not to lend accounts with any bad history. I will only limit myself to 3 lends at a time, so it will incentivize people to get the avatar quickly. Lends will be on first come first serve, not by merit.


Things to know:

  • Non Petpet avatars will have a 5 day window, otherwise i will publicly announce that you have betrayed me. (You can ask for more time, just don't be ridiculous).
  • You can only receive the items of one avatar at a time.
  • Don't use my items for all your shells, return and ask again, it helps me keep track even though it might be a little tedious. I will announce that you betrayed me for that offense as well.
  • My requirements are a little high because I extending my lends to shells, it is a little more risky.

How to get back into something?

15 November 2017 - 09:28 PM

I have this problem you see. I never stick with a particular thing for a long time. I try reading a book, stop 3/4's of the way in. I try learning how to play an instrument, I stop in about a week. The same thing happens with gaming. I have these periods where I crave playing a game like Neopets or Runescape or something. I play for 5 hours a day for a month straight, then I won't see that game until next year. Is that even a bad thing though? I mean you could just say, "just play the fucking game ffs." but I don't know, it seems much harder than that. Anyways, do you think I lack disciple? Or do I just need to find something else that I would enjoy and do consistently? What should I do? 

Justice Democrats

24 January 2017 - 03:23 PM

Note: I'm not trying to endorse them in anyway.


Hey guys, I was scrolling through my subscription feed and this one really caught my eye. Basically, what these people are trying to do is create a wing inside of the democratic party that is mainly for the people. The party is trying to resemble the ideology of Bernie Sanders and rid the Establishment Democrats. Sanders did win 23 states against Hillary and 47% of the vote so I'm thinking a lot of people would join if they knew about it.


Well, I obviously think this would be great in theory, but I have many doubts. IF indeed this movement gained traction, would you guys think that having "Justice Democrats" (that's what they are going by) run the Democratic Party be more beneficial than the ones running it today? I would love to hear your reasoning.



Here is a longer, more in-depth video if you guys are interested




This is there platform...