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#2003282 "Paranoid Schizophrenia"

Posted by ToriAndNate on 18 March 2017 - 08:32 PM

It only happens at perfect and convenient times. For instance, if I say something wrong, somebody will cough. Just an example. If someone were to ask me what 11 times 11 was (this is an example) in my head I'd think, "hmm, I'm not sure but I want to sound/appear smart, if I don't get it right I'm not smart" so I'll answer. The second I answer wrong, I hear a cough, and I knew before I even answered exactly when that person was going to cough.
Another example, a social situation. (As usual) I'll be talking with somebody, and holding a... decent conversation, then all of the sudden I don't know what to respond with to a question or statement, guess what happens? They cough obnoxiously loud. And in my head I'll know before they even cough that they are going to cough - because I'm anticipating it, and because I messed up in the conversation and didn't know what to say. 
It's almost like it's a punishment when I do something wrong.
More perfect examples, just while I was writing this every time I would stop to think about what to say next, I would hear a cough in the background and it would give me that feeling that I get in the pit of my stomach that feels like it's going to churn and implode in on itself, for lack of a better explanation. I hate this. It's torture. I'll be looking straight at someone and they'll cough or clear their throat and smirk, like it's funny, too. It happens CONSTANTLY. E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E.
And the part that leads me to believe that it is 'on purpose' or that the timing is just perfect, is the fact that I can predict exactly when somebody is going to cough. If something embarrassing happens, cough. If I say or do something wrong, cough. If I experience an emotion - sadness, happiness, cough. The second I feel an emotion, cough. For instance, say I won the lottery. I go in to cash my ticket, before hand, I know that as soon as I walk in the door to cash my lottery ticket, because I am happy, somebody is going to cough because it makes me unhappy and ruins it. Guess what? The second I open the door, COUGH.
But I hear the excuse, oh, people get sick, or, oh, people smoke... okay, sure, but, 1. why don't I hardly ever cough? And when I do, why is it hardly ever timed perfectly? 2. I've smoked marijuana ever since I was 15, I don't have a chronic cough. I had RSV when I was a baby for Christ's sake. I don't cough every 2 seconds or whenever I hear somebody laugh or cry or experience an emotion. Plus, people aren't sick 24/7 365 days a year. People get sick every now and again, and their sickness doesn't last the rest of their life and cause them to cough every 2 seconds or whenever I am anticipating it.
Not only all of this, but the coughs don't sound like real coughs. They sound so fake it's not even funny. Let's think about it for a second, why do you cough? To clear your throat of fluids by pushing air through your esophagus. So, you'd think, the more sick you are, or the more you've (oh lord, somebody smoked, so now that means they have to cough 24/7) smoked, the more fluid you would need to push out, so the more/harder you would need to cough. Nope. The coughs sound so fake, they're always either so dry, or they are just a single cough, no more. Just one, simple, cough... That's perfectly timed. 
Oh, and not to mention, nobody ever spits anything up. If you supposedly had fluid in your throat (that's why you're coughing) don'tcha think it'd come up when ya coughed?

#2001265 Valentines Day Goodie Bag

Posted by ToriAndNate on 12 February 2017 - 03:19 PM

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#2000705 Need some relationship advice :/

Posted by ToriAndNate on 02 February 2017 - 11:42 AM

She's totally dating every guy in your town, sorry m8.







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