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"Failed, you are not allowed to use"

13 April 2007 - 09:45 AM

Well, I recently started playing neopets again and found my way back here smile.gif I never used to have a problem with accessing the programs, but now no matter which one I try to access, when I try to log into the codex checker it says "Failed, you are not allowed to use". I guess there is probably a simple explanation for this, so sorry for my lack of common sense if there is rolleyes.gif Well, any help is appreciated smile1.gif

From way back when...

06 July 2006 - 11:01 AM

Hello there.. my name is Jena and I just registered here. I recently got back into neopets and just thought I'd browse around a few forums. I first started neo like 5 years ago and about 2 or 3 years ago I was pretty active around places like neotwist and there was one forum that closed... and then reopened with a '2' at the end... and then closed and thats when neotwist opened. I can't remember their names, ha. Anyways, I was surpised to find this place up and going because I thought I remembered that neocodex was 'private' or the registrations were closed. And then every blue moon it'd open for an hour and everyone would go crazy. But maybe that was another forum ;)

Anyways, all my old ABs and auto adopters are on my old computer. The only one I have here is Shyster's AB 1.3, which doesnt seem to be working. And even if I had all my other ones, I really dont think they work anymore. So, I was just wondering what the prog situation was here and what you need to qualify and such things. I used to be a big painted pet seller, had like 200 pets and 50 accounts... ha, then they iced all of them and I lost my 10mil. So I quit. But I'm back. And I'll stop blabbering :funone: