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#2030283 Turning Neopets' fate round, how would you do it?

Posted by canadia on 15 September 2019 - 02:33 AM

I'm amazed Neopets doesn't have an app for phone users (so many young people don't even own a computer these days). The mobile version of the site is unplayable in my experience. An official app would be vital for Neopets to stay relevant.


Also, I've always wondered how they even gain new members. Do they advertise the site at all or do they still just rely on their history and reputation of the mid 2000s? We all know how huge Neo was back in the day, but very few people under 18 would be aware of its existence.


It's sad because I get very nostalgic about Neo, as it was one of the  very first websites I used regularly when I first got the Internet. I would hate to see it disappear.