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Regarding buying Paint Brushes

17 November 2019 - 11:21 PM

Hello guys, I'm a new member on NeoCodex and nice to see you all.


I just got back to Neopets after nearly a decade. I was impressed that the game still exist despite the lack of updates. Still love the game so much like the first time I played it. However I've seen and heard people talking about buying NPs and Paint Brushes with real money. Is this practice normal? Is there anywhere safe to do such transactions? Since I really wanted to paint my guys in Darigan, Faerie and Baby for a while but my account could never once afford those. If there is a choice for me to acquire them with real money instead of grinding day and night for millions of NPs, it would be great! 


Nonetheless, if this kind of trading is considered fraud or not recommended, no big deal, I just want to learn about it!


Thank you!