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Return to neo, new in here!

24 October 2020 - 03:59 AM

Hi there! My username here is Twinkle, so you can call me Dee or Dum. XD


I just returned to neo recently and found this site.

My account got hacked years ago, I am not sure who and why but just all of a sudden I could not log in to my accounts and was not successful with the email connected.

My userlookup was set to original, the 3 sides were fine but not able to log in as well, it was all scary but also gave me peace at the same time as I could finally leave neo (always stressful but somehow could not let go of my hard efforts)


Recently I see my brother playing it again so I decided to come back with a better mind set, created a new account and tried to login with my old main again, weirdly the email worked......!

Not sure if it was me having a bad dream or some neopian felt guilty hacking me and decided to change my email back.. nothing was stolen but my gallery items were all moved to inventory (scary as I had pin for them!). 

I got 2 of my sides back, but lost 1(got frozen), weirdly it was the only private side.. with lab. 


After all these weird and bad experience, I started to find cheating sites as I don't feel fair that people can just effortlessly play the game especially those who play from stealing others account. Seeing how less it actually cost to get nps made me suddenly lost a lot of interest to the site and regret my time wasted honestly, but at the same time I felt more at ease as I can finally make the little girl happy and use my time for something real important in life.

And.. the reason why I join this site was simple... at the beginning I was just wanting to buy UCs, but realized all sites selling them are based on hacking others.... having the bad experience myself, I would never do that to others... so that is why I found this awesome place and decided to join!


What I am trying to say is... I am finally saying goodbye to that 13 years old girl with in! (:


Happy to be here, also learning programming myself.. hope that one day I can write some nice game as well!


Thank you all for reading my long and sad story, have a nice one! tongue.png