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Posted by Shane, 22 June 2015 · 185 views

Sometimes I just don't feel happy. I feel like I am nowhere. I really dislike it about me. I come to work five days a week and feel like it is futile to do anything else because I wouldn't be able to survive as "well".

Everyone feels that way. I don't want you to feel like that discounts your feeling, but hopefully it lets you know that you're still normal. What would you prefer to do instead? You might not always be able to do the thing and survive as well, but you have to ask yourself if it's possible to survive and be Happy that way. If you can, start pursuing that. Ask others that are doing it how they do the 'surviving' part while getting to do what you want. 


There's also nothing wrong with having a crap job that lets you survive, most people have to. Try really absorbing that the job is a means to an end: A. survival, and B. make it work for you: spend your free time doing something that you really love. If you'd rather be hiking, put away some bit of what you make and go hiking on the weekends, or a big hike once a month. Let yourself remember that the Job is a means to that Hike, a necessary cash making evil. :)

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That's how life works man it  feels like your doing nothing like nothing ever changes..


I felt like that also until i met this female who changed everything

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