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Total items: 45,820
Total priced items: 37,959 (82.84%)
Items priced in the last 24 hours: 0 (0%)
Items with owner information: 38,021 (82.98%)
Unbuyable items: 2,223
Users currently pricing: 0

Most Recently Discovered Item

  • Mipsy Acara Hat
    8,482 NP
    Profit: 3,939 NP
  • About the Item Database

    The Item Database is a collection of items found on Neopets allowing users to view information such as the item's price, price history, profit, and owners. The Item Database is fully automated and requires minimal user input in order to update the data contained within it. Almost all items are priced daily meaing that these prices are the most up to date and most accurate prices available on the Internet.

    Fully Automated Pricing System: The database uses a networked system of bots to scrape user shops and main shops on Neopets along with the trading post and auctions to collect data about the going price for items all across Neopia. This data is then sent back to our servers for analysis and inclusion in the database.

    Profit Calculation: Our bots see item prices both in main shops and user shops allowing us to provide profit information on each item. You can then use this information to make better decisions on which items you want to buy.

    Owner Information: Stuck on Faerie Quest and can't use the Shop Wizard? Most of the items in our database have owner information so you can find that item you are looking for immediately.

    Historical Price Data: Check out any item to see its price trend over time.


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