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Turning 26 next month.

Posted by Shane, 16 July 2015 · 289 views

Alright so about a year ago I had my car insurance and it was renewed for one year on August 10th. I turned 25 on August 29th and so I could not update my car insurance until the next year which is now. My Car Insurance just went from $1700 all the way down to $1040 for the whole year. It kind of sucks that I turned 25 right after my car insurance renewed so I ended up paying an extra $700 this last year for Car Insurance just because my renewal date was 19 days before my birthday. At least now it is almost cut in half, YAY ME!

My birthday is next month too!  Sorry the car insurance cronies kept your money almost a full year before you got your savings. :)

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I had the same thing happen to me, I called and ask for credit back, but it didn't work :(


Anyways keep driving safe if you want to keep low insurance =D

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Happy birthday man I wish you many more.. My birthday was may the 24th all all i did was nothing

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Happy birthday! I just had to comment because I turn 27 on August 29!!! Yes, I'm still "playing" Neopets but whatever.

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