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Last Day of Random Contest

Posted by Hopeless, 07 November 2014 · 307 views

neopets avatars
I didn't even think about the possibility that TNT might hand out avatars to everyone who entered this Random Contest (since it's the last one). As soon as I realized I could just sloppily throw together some sort of artwork and enter for the hell of it, the deadline was just 6 minutes away. :shifty:

This is as far as I got before the content officially ended:

Posted Image

I didn't even end up having enough time to submit it (or finish it, or spend more than 15 seconds on it, as you can probably discern on your own).

I swear I planned on doing more than this, but as soon as I found my notebook in it became a race against time (a race I could not - and did not - win). I seriously drew the first thing I could think of, which ended up being the Skeith on the Random Contest page (barely).

Did anyone else have a poor attempt at an entry or fail to enter at all?

I already have the avvie, so I was like "fuck that". I'm not creative enough to win this round. Or the others :p

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Awww, do you think they'll give an avatar to all who entered!? I hope not, cause then I'll kick myself for not entering hahaha

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Haha as far as I know, they are not giving avatars to just everyone who entered. Some people have said they won the neopoints prize and no avatar.

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Im also hoping they give everyone the avatar just cause. I literally found 3 images online, cut them out sloppily on photoshop and pasted them together. Im pretty sure they're on a white background too lol. So I hope I get an A(vatar) for effort :p

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Really? cause:

"Lastly there were 198 runners-up who will each receive 5,000 NP and the Random Contest avatar."


198 runners-up?? c'mon! haha

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Oh jeez, they can choose 15 winners, but can't give an atleast you tried avatar? I fucking hate neopets idk why i even came back to that place lol

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