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Frozen July 1, 2016.

Posted by FelisNoctua, 01 July 2016 · 587 views

Neopets tells me I have a bad password, lets me reset it, tells me it's still bad, and locks me out.
And my account can't be searched from my alt. I heartell that's frozen.


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I haven't SS'd in weeks, and have only let VS run dailies and the stamp shop. I was just starting to collect stamps, and landed a Wailing Even Coconut yesterday. I was looking forward to that trophy, but apparently pushing for Quad All-Star was just too much.


Wasn't worth much, as far as cheating accounts go: Main pet was worth about 14.9M (books, paint, weapons, Gourmet, BD training before I started cupcaking). 13M in tradables and 6M in cash. (I hadn't even added stamp value into the account value yet, but I had every stamp under 10k, quite a few in 10k, had my lovely gamer charm, which is why I started stamping anyway.) Hell, I only know what the account's worth because I wanted to see what it would cost to recoup my main pet if I got frozen. I made the spreadsheet when started SSing ACX last summer.


I think it's the end of Neopets for me, though. I don't proxy, I only have the one account and a very empty 'gallery' account. I knew it could happen and saved the HTML of my lookup for posterity before AC. (I keep a game graveyard for things I've betad or quit.) It would just take dedication to bring another account up, and TNT hasn't let the game be fun in a long time.


Cest la vie.

That's too bad. :(


If you're willing to put the time in, you should definitely try to rebuild. Don't forget that there are people here who are willing to help you. :) (I'll probably be asking for help soon after my main was frozen.)

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Also, if you have enough info about your account, send in a ticket and pray!


But also for now: RIP :'(

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Create a new side, submit a ticket and play there legitimately while you wait for a response. You may have been frozen for protection, some troll reported you for a trade they didnt get... It may have nothing to do with the AC and SS.


Also thinking anyone can see this blog, and that doesnt help your case if you do decide to fight TNT for your account back.

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@Karla You know, I am going to rebuild. The game is only mildly entertaining, but it's you guys that I'd miss. I really think I let that VS run so I have an excuse to play on the forums with you all.

@CaptainDantes @Neobo I thought about a ticket, but I'm pretty sure I've been iced for my spectacular and unnecessary Quad All Star ranking in the ACXI. I think I might do anyway, just to have done it. As far as this blog in concerned, all my pets have end-of-name modifiers which aren't included in the 'trading card' I made. Yet, it still is maybe too much info, so I'll take the TC down just in case. Good lookin' out. I made it for my personal game-graveyard anyway. :)


I was able to guess into my sister's old account (she's LONG since quit) so I have an aged account to my name. Not AS old as my main, but better than new. I think it's probably high-time to learn about proxies though. This probably wouldn't have happened if I'd just got two accounts to 2-All-Star instead of 1 to 4-All-Star.

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