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Housewife earns 50k (np) a day! You can too!

Posted by FelisNoctua, 30 July 2016 · 426 views

Yep, lost my funding yesterday. It's not exactly like losing my job, because I still have to do the work, only no I don't get paid for it. Actually, since the funding included my tuition waiver, that means I pay for my classes again, so I'm not only losing my paycheck but I have to pay the $1500 for my last class.
Oh, and I learned this after I'd spent an hour cleaning out my office for the new faculty to take it over. Except none of the people that said they'd come help me move the club stuff, showed up. So. Great morning.
And then I had to redo the hour drive to my doctor, because showing up 15 minutes late the day before meant they couldn't see me at all. I then sat in that doctor's office for an hour after my schedule time until he COULD see me. Wut?


Losing my funding has got some unusual ripple effects (besides the regular "money will be tight, so less wine and ice cream etc"). I already knew we were too tight to afford DragonCon this year, but I hadn't admitted it to myself. Even the other day when I knew I should tell my group I couldn't go, I kind of hoped I could convince Husband to let me go anyway. I've had my ticket since last year, and it's the 30th. But it's $100 in gas just to drive there (so $200 total) and then $200 for my space on the floor in the hotel room for the duration. Even being economical about food (which I did last time) that $400 doesn't include any shopping (I spent so much last year) or autographs/photos (which I don't do much of). I think last year, my first year, I probably spent about $1000 overall. Without my own income, I'd had to convince Husband to let me spend that much, aaaand that's not happening. He doesn't know what I spent last year (except the $400 travel/lodging) and doesn't need to know, because I had my own money, dammit.


We ARE officially moving at the end of the month, so, add that stress onto losing my funding. Yay. It's a testament to my new antidepressants that I didn't just curl up in the corner and go to sleep yesterday. Still. The day sucked.


So, fish and chips and wine and actual chips, and Path of Exile and Neopets.


Got a nice Program Manager notification that my Cellblock trophy had upgraded to Gold. I didn't realize it would tell me. Cool.
SS my Petpetsitter avvie, and this morning got my Petpet lab ray avvie. Got two other little game trophies that came in from the SSer avvie list (one was held over from the day before, for some reason).


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sad to hear  :(

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