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2: Why I thought the election turned out like this

Posted by ohml, 08 November 2016 · 349 views


First of all, I know this is kind of back to back, but oh my god as you know some shit went down biiiiiiiiiiig time. I feel like I should post since my blog is called "two cents" lol.


You know, I already heard MSNBC and the democratic party hint at who they will blame the election loss. ​Millennials and third party voters. In a sense they are right, kind of. Hillary would have won a handful of states with Gary Johnson's votes. However there is a keyword...could.


This particular subject grinds my gears very hard, perhaps even more than Trump winning the candidacy. I just hate the idea of blaming it on us, the third party voters and Millennials.


In my opinion, it was Hillary's fault, her managers, and the DNC. Hillary Clinton pandered to literal fucking NEOCONSERVATIVES, like what kind of fucking democrat would pander to neoconservatives. She was running away from her base, the people that voted for Obama in '12 and '08. She basically abandoned the base of the democratic party because she tried having that "centrist" perspective. It was the DNC's fault for literally backstabbing my homie Bernie Sanders. The fucking angel of our political system, perhaps the only one left. The DNC and Hillary are just a bunch of.....motherfuckers.


It was her fault for being being a lying ass even when she was exposed. It was her fault for deleting 30,000 emails, leaving Americans to die Benghazi. I think she was too old fashioned, she probably thought that saying progressive words to the voters would make her gain them. Have you seen one of her cringy rallies? They offer no substance whats over and, I feel like she is a cheerleader watching them. "Together we can do this!" or "Together we can do that!". People are getting sick of that type of stuff, but she didn't realize this.

  • "Pokemon GO to the polls"
  • When she dabbed on Ellen.


If she thinks that doing that will get her our vote, the millennials, she must be on some stuff dude.


I'm venting right now, my grammar might not be the greatest and my substance might not be the best. I apologize in advance.




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