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Life with two boyfriends. Part 2.

Posted by Trapezeo, 13 March 2017 · 498 views

Traditional relationships sometimes run into problems. This is a follow up to my first blog where I'll be talking about some of the issues I've experienced in my triad relationship.


At the start of this relationship, I was very jealous. I don't think of myself as anything spectacular body wise and that would get me thinking my boyfriends would want anyone but me. Arguments would often happen because when they would say a guy was good looking and then I would make a comment and get upset. It led to me not really trusting them even though I was overreacting. It was especially hard when I had two people making these comments compared to the usual one.


One of my boyfriends, Randy, is an exhibitionist so him and I have had more issues than OJ and I have. Randy likes to go on his webcam on a few gay sex sites and get himself off. His inbox gets flooded with messages and guys are pretty much virtually throwing themselves at him. He's also on Grindr and loves to send pictures of himself to guys nearby. The biggest problem in this relationship I've had with Randy is the few times when I went through his online accounts to see if he was cheating and looking for sex. Big mistake. I almost ruined the entire relationship.


We have issues thats are not relating to sex, too. When two people have a disagreement, it's just a one-on-one talk, but with us, it's often two-on-one. The two-on-one thing is hard to deal with because it almost feels like being ganged up on. We don't disagree often, but it's never fun to feel like everyone is against you even if it is only two people.


Of course there is also the age old problem of where to eat or what to do.


I've since become more comfortable with the relationship over the years, but my jealousy almost ruined everything. I love these guys and I'm so happy things are great now.

*judgmental stare* *dramatic pause* toot.
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So you guys are a closed triad then?

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So you guys are a closed triad then?

Yes we are. 

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