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December 2017

Posted by liamusprime, 02 January 2018 · 376 views

Happy New Year! I hope it was a great one for you. Time to recap December! Let's start with goals for the month:

  • Suprass 10 million in the bank: #Fail ... Stocks didn't increase like I had planned and I started saving dailies for the Charity Corner. We'll put this back on the list for January
  • Get at least one more Secret Lab Piece: Success, 2/9
  • Play Battledome at least 20 days: #Fail - 17/20 ... however, battledome had it's issues for the month, but it's going back on the list for January.
  • Finish up the Plot: HAH ... and it rolls into January, I'm not even going to set it as a goal :-/
Alright, let's get the recap going:

Posted Image


Pretty self explanatory. Nothing crazy per say. Once again, I could have played a ton more games. I spent about 2 days committed to nothing but games, however, I still should have played to get another 150k NP. I would like to offset my Market purchases with games earnings.

  • Had the Market boon, so I saved 30k with 6 days of purchases @ 10NP per share
  • Advent calendar this month! a smooth 32k from that
  • Not as much Trading/Shop, I look to increase that for January
  • Hit the fruit machine for 15k and Buried Treasure for 20K in the same day. That was fun...
  • Was gifted about 150k worth of items. If that was you, thanks!
813K np going to the bank. Not bad, here we go, goals for January 18:
  • Battledome, 20/31 days
  • Suprass 10mil (Asparagus Avvie)
  • 456k in games for the month (15k per day, and I'm already 2 days behind ... #GOALS!)
  • Decrease SDB by 10% (currently @ 5077)
Good luck to each of you in the new year!


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November 2017

Posted by liamusprime, 30 November 2017 · 490 views

I recently started playing again. I thought that maybe (for my own amusement and posterity) I would keep track of the month and see where I fared at the end. So that's exactly what I did. Let's take a look at how much month (November 10 is when I actually started tracking it) looked:


Posted Image


I guess I should say at this point that this was all legit. I didn't use the program manager at all for this account. A couple things to keep in mind for the month:

  • I won an armored negg from the battledome earlier in the month. I managed to trade that in for a Secret Lab map piece (which I still need ... I have 2 of 9, goals!)
  • The Games Master Challenge forced me to play more games that I think I would regularly play.
  • I got really lucky Trading a little this month. 3x Wraith Ectoplasm trade netted me 17K pure
  • I won the Fruit Machine, that got me 20K pure and a Split Paint Brush
That about wraps up my November. I got my December set up and I'm looking forward to a really successful month. Let's throw some goals out:
  • Surpass 10 million pure in the bank (fairly close)
  • Get at least one more Secret Lab map peice
  • Play the Battledome at least 20 days out the month
  • Finish up the plot (assuming they release it before the end of the month)
Good luck all! Don't forget to hit up the advent calendar! The best time of the year :-p

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