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Chuffer Bob Battlecard

Basic Information

Description: A battlecard is a powerful magic card that can be thrown at an enemy in the Battledome! One Use.
Estimated Price: 7 NP (Last Priced: Today, 06:39 AM by arobed21)
Rarity: 110
Restocks in: Has not been spotted in mainshops yet.
Estimated Profit: 0 NP


Price Trend

Shop Owners

andrach2012 (10 NP), arielofiris (10 NP), ashanxx (10 NP), neo_christoph (10 NP), nibrock180 (10 NP), niczodiac (10 NP), nitrosfrey (14 NP), nikki_nelson_rules (15 NP), aerisma (20 NP), agos_mastro96 (20 NP), alana19to (20 NP), alij99 (20 NP), alison199716 (20 NP), alphielion (20 NP), anye (20 NP), arawr98 (20 NP), astuppl1 (20 NP), napolm2 (20 NP), nari_xodozinho (20 NP), nasdaq5 (20 NP),

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